Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 4

Kiriha goes full loli.

Caps & Stitches (download png)

Kukuri unleashes a powerful attack on Kiriha and Kazuya.

Kiriha held back the attack, but it made her shrink.

Kukuri unleashes another powerful attack.

This time it’s too much for Kiriha to handle.

Kazuya finds himself in some other world with a friendly milf.

“Get strong! So that you can protect her, instead of being protected by her!” Good advice. I like where this is going.



Kazuya uses Kiriha’s true name to turn her back into her original form.

A bad ass fight happens. There wasn’t much service, so I won’t be covering it in detail. The background music, courtesy of Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail, Naruto), is really good here.

Intermission. Kiriha has gone from too busty to no busty. Middle ground, where are you?!

Kukuri’s mask falls off, revealing her true form.

This bitch… Kukuri better have a good reason for putting Kiriha and Kazuya through so much hell.

Kiriha isn’t pleased.


Damn, I didn’t realize how tiny she got.

I’m a sucker for tender moments like these.

There’s something going on that they haven’t explained yet.

I like how she gets up on tables to compensate for her height.

Whoa, getting a little bold there.

I wouldn’t expect many changes here, but who knows.


There’s my middle ground.

Though, they did cut some shots.

Kazuya asks his “big sis” for some of her preschool clothes for Kiriha.

Naturally, she freaks out.

Kazuya’s friend delivers some clothes in the dead of night like a drug dealer.

These are the outfits he brought.


Pretty damn suggestive…

This made me think “cheerio!” for some reason.


Okay, so we didn’t get a bath scene in this episode, however, from the looks of the preview, we may get one in the next episode.

At this point, the lack of service doesn’t really bother me anymore. The charm of the characters has overridden my need to see dat ass. Kiriha is so damn adorable! Additionally, I like the rapport between her and Kazuya. Nevertheless, if this show minimizes any more of the service from the manga, it deserves to be knocked. I’m back to being patient—for now—and enjoying the show for what it is. It’s a good time.