7Sins Episode III Fanservice Review

Many fans of Anime use the 3-Episode Rule to determine if a show is worth following or not. Unless my 2nd grade roman numeral lessons were fucked up, it seems that we have reached Episode 3 of 7Sins. Is this ecchi worth following for the long haul? Is it deserving of your perverted fanaticism?

As always we will be using the shittiest but quickest versions of the show to be released for torrent.

A brief recap of last week’s episode…


Moving on, tired as fuck after passing out waiting for this shit. The things I do for ecchi, feel like a fucking zombie now so forgive me….


Human-chan is a cute.

So are the girls

Notice me senpai

Nipples that could cut through diamonds

Literally the ONLY good part of Florida, the rest sucks ass with bullshit humidity, hammer of the gods hurricanes, Australia-tier dangerous wildlife, and Cubans…..

Definitely deserves its name

Say it with me boys….  OUR GIRL!

*ahem* I believe I said fucking notice me senpai.

For those of you hating on episode 2’s tease, there yah go, Envy nips.

I’m afraid we won’t be breaking into Manyuu-tier nipple play and beauty anytime soon though. For what it’s worth though, the nipples in this show are still way beyond most ecchi.

Glorious cameltoes in this show so far, in the series too really. Can’t complain.

Good job on the see-through, didn’t have to do that.

Lust is making everyone in Miami wanna fuck lol.

What did I just say!? This show is really trying for good panty shot marks.

Alright… there’s been enough nudity already to get a groggy recommendation. The art is great, but the animation leaves a little to be desired in motion. Either way, pretty much every fucking scene so far has had ecchi or titties. Nicely Fucking Done 7Sins.

Say it with me!                               LUST IS OUR GIRL

I know where this is going, it’s like this episode is trying every chance it gets to be perverted… which is EXACTLY what we have been searching for for so many years. Fulfillment.

She’s not my fav but I love Pride’s eyes. They are so beautiful.

NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Go fucking watch it, I stopped at the pole-dancing scene because I just had to put this one out. Go fucking watch this episode, go fucking watch it and worship at its table bitches….


Even if the series just goes downhill from here, I can safely include this episode with Great Ecchi singles of the past like everyone’s favorite Seikon no Qwaser episode 21.

The animation is a little choppy in places, this isn’t Hoods after all, but this kind of episode, this just not giving a fuck attitude has been sorely missed in ecchi. Definitely a keeper episode folks, and one that has me OFFICIALLY HYPE for this show.

I can talk all day singing its praises, but you should just go fucking watch it.

I haven’t even watched the rest of the episode yet… what a Fantastic fucking episode. Bravo, go sing its praises bitch.

You worship this show in this moment… enjoy.




YouTube release of 3rd mini-special, discretion is the better part of valor gents, share wisely.





For those interested in getting a bit more out of the visuals and story it would seem 7Sins has already been green lit for one of those running Funi dubs. Starting 10:30p EST this Sunday. Hard to believe how far the industry has come, anyone else remember having to wait as long as a year and a half for that shit