Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episode 07

Ichiko new rival and next friend appears!

Episode 07

Ichiko looks happy.

That crepe looks delicious.

No! the crepe T_T.

Luck is always a good thing to have.

Ichiko blames the mysterious girl and just runs.

Girl’s name is Rindou Ranmaru, she will attend to Ichiko class from now.

Jojo face to disimulate? LMAO

Momiji joins too!

Even Keita joins,  it expands to the whole class xD.

Rindou still recognizes Ichiko but the boys come to the rescue.

That smile.

Tour guide Momiji here, next step, Ichiko’s house.

Ichiko’s amazing boobs bouncing are great.

Goodbye button, You took too much pressure.

Somehow Rindou is ok but challenges Ichiko to a duel.

Tsuwabuki is selling drinks and snacks xD

Ranmaru Kick!

Ichiko’s luck is just too much xD

Momiji and Tsuwabuki share the profits.

Looks like someone fell in love.

Ranmaru accepts her defeat.

Bunny Momiji was cute!

Tsuwabuki is mad cause they don’t let him sleep.

Rindou can be really cute if she tries.

Momiji and Ichiko noticed Rindou attraction to Keita.


They convince her to go shopping and change her look so Keita notices her.

Ranmaru has bigger boobs than they look at first sight, Momiji is angry because of that.

She really looks very cute!

Those guys thought she was really cute too.

That’s some bloody nose LOL.

Ranmaru tells Ichiko the reason why she dress like that, her father(special mention to Momiji in the background with that ice cream).

It was obvius that i was gonna fall,  Momiji.

Rindou father didn’t like the clothes that the girls bought for her.

Poor Rindou!

Ichiko comes to defend Rindou.

She challenges him to a duel, if she wins he will leave Rindou wearing the clothes she wants.

Again the same?

Nope, not this time.

Rindou’s father looks regretful and accepts the blow.

Rindou stops Ichiko, he still is her father after all.

Ranmaru can be cute even with her tomboy clothes.

Her father permits her to wear whatever she wants and tells to keep that friend close.

Looks like a good friendship has started.


Another girl was introduced, not a fan of tomboy girls but Ranmaru is funny and very cute when she acts girly, she will be a good support for Ichiko in the future too.


Binbogami ga! was really a surprise, didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series as well and some nice ecchi scenes along with a really nice artwork and comedy. Almost all the characters are likeable with the Main duo(Ichiko&Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish,if you like a comedy with some romantic,ecchi and feels moments dont hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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