Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 5

Training begins for Kazuya.

Caps & Stitches (download png)

To be a proper malison cleanser, he’ll need fortitude.

That carefully placed bottle.

That carefully placed soap, arm, and tray.

Some skinship.

Kazuya is definitely into the lolis. To his credit, he’s better at keeping his composure than other protagonists.


There’s no shame in popping a boner, bro. Embrace it… Literally…

That fog looks too out-of-place. I can’t imagine them leaving it like that on the BD.

Kukuri is pissed that Miss Oppais (Kokuyou) couldn’t get more money to fix the shine.

She resorts to puppy face.

Kiriha gives Kazuya another challenge.

Not good enough!

She shows him the proper way.

A heavy storm gives the final blow to Kukuri’s shrine.

Kiriha abuses Kazuya some more.


Tadata Tadataka (these names…), the student council president, wants Kazuya’s D. He assures us he’s not gay, though.

Kiriha appears in a cute getup.

Osamu almost creams his pants.

Sudden Minotaur!

Sudden Kiriha with curves!

WebMs (download)


And that was about it. Not a bad episode at all.