7Sins Episode VI Fanservice Review

Should we even care?……..

Well, with very uneasy breath, I hold it in anticipation of disappointment….

Today’s sound selection will be “The Basement” – by C.L. Smooth and PETE Rock

Onward to Sloth gents…

Eternally not giving a fuck. Apparently she has her own MMORPG or some bullshit

Wow, holy shit, already off to a better start than episodes 5 and 4.


Gotta say, never liked Barbie-doll crotch, and I’ve already seen a lot of it in this episode.

Unless it’s 100% uncensored (which it never will be in Japan) I think it’s sexier to have to blurry mosaic rather than a wiped-clean pussy like her vag got photo shopped out. The theatre of the mind is about 30% of ecchi anyway, why completely ruin the possibility?


So Pride somehow gets hit with a phone-beam, and gets transported to Sloth’s videogame. thing.


Nope, they just couldn’t give us another Pride booty shot worth 5k, they had to cover that ass up. It’s simply too expensive to animate that ass…. apparently…

80’s workout attire, first thought.


Lust and Vainglory had my top spots when the show started, but considering we never fucking see them, Pride has quickly risen to my favorite character and girl. She doesn’t have the body of Vainglory, but she HAS a damn nice one regardless… and even though she doesn’t have Lust’s attitude, her “Pride” makes her just as enjoyable and sexy in her own way.

Pride is obviously the boss bitch, so I’ll gladly ride on that hypetrain.

Again…….. censoring that would have been sexier with my imagination, Barbie-doll ain’t doing nobody any favors. Especially Ken.

Wow, so apparently HC is just shopping at this point, at least she’s safe for now…

Oh darn, would yah look at that? Another phone-beam! Who’da thunk it?

Intelligent HC decides to follow a demonic shadow….

We real Dark Souls now kids

Saw this coming a mile away, still an amazing view. I can’t be the only one who is waiting for HC and Pride to finally start grinding on each other. They have the best bodies in the show for their personalities and…

DAT ASS!  Clearly some of the budget was allotted for a A+ ass shot, still not enough money for a Pride ASS shot from last episode, but A+ is still good. A+ stands for Aika+.

Spider Skank, Spider Skank!




Oh Fuck Me Running, if my shitty understanding of the Japanese language is correct, then HC’s avatar and Pride’s avatar have met in this virtual game.

In a hotspring…

If you fail me on this 7Sins…….    if you fucking fail me……



Ultimately, you disappoint me 7Sins…  a catfight and some admittedly great views do not a legendary ecchi make, no conquest from the demon, no discussions about the human soul while using someone’s tit as a transition medium… Nadda, nothing, ziltch, kaput, nyet, whatever the fuck.

Let’s move on, despite my bitching this episode already tops 4 and 5 for having good ecchi shit.

What follows is this bizarre training montage where HC gets trained by Sloth for some reason to get a tail like her or some bullshit?? It’s fucking weird and doesn’t do shit for me ecchi-wise. That’s not to say there aren’t good visuals at points, but that’s not a good thing either. We see moments of brilliance like HC’s ass shot, but then get dragged down in this awkward montage of ecchi. It’s like they are able to draw ecchi, but don’t know what to do with it.

Pride’s ass and Vainglory’s tits could look aMAAaaaazing at times, so we know they have the ability, but it’s like an 11 year old was asked, “what’s the dirtiest things you can think of” then had him organize the scenes himself. The ecchi here is awkward, hard to explain it.

Ultimately any seasoned ecchi viewer won’t even get a tingle from these moments, they’re too clumsy. Even with HC’s amazing leaf-bikini, with no passion or drive it seems like empty tease.


The next scene is a prime example, gonna do anything with this 7Sins? One girls naked, the other is a bitch who has sexually tormented the other in the past…. gonna do anything with this 7Sins?

No? Just gonna play the scene out with talking awkwardly while one girl is nude? Really? that’s it?

Alrighty then, moving on 7Sins, please do go ahead……


^ admittedly badass

What follows is just more freak of the week play by play shit in the MMO setting that this episode decided to go with because “why not everyone else is doing it”. Again, there are some good shots, like the one above of Pride’s based ass, I can’t take that away from the show, it can do this, but it isn’t for some reason…..



Yes…. yes, we understand your anger Vainglory, you want to let the girls out but you can’t….. because the show fucking won’t let you………….. I say this episode is a little above episode 4’s level, which ain’t really saying much, but it is an improvement in sheer nudity time… gotta take what we can get riiiiiiiiiiiiight??????


We close on another sexless evening for these two love birds, joy…….





Now, for some reason they decided to uncensor the ending credits, and I think it proves my point of the episode, and ultimately what this series might be…

I’d be lying right now if I said Vainglory’s massive tits didn’t give me some serious nostalgia flashbacks to Kagefusa’s Bakunyuu, but remember, they can do THIS, but are giving us mediocre episodes.

^ can’t leave without pointing out those nipples, Fucking God Damn 100%. Fat as fuck.

remember, they can do THIS, but are giving us mediocre episodes…  have an endcard bitches


YouTube special


Given recent content, I’ve decided to create a video compilation of my predictions for the rest of the events in this series… including a final scene of the ending.