Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 8


Study time means sexy time as well.


This episode had all of it’s service in the extra scenes near the end that were in the R18 version only. This time the R18 version is a minute and 20 seconds longer making it the longest episode so far. Something I should point out is that I will only be comparing the standard version and R18 version this time due to the fact that the AT-X version has yet to get uploaded. Hopefully this will only be a one time thing because I am curious what they may have did with that version. Since the AT-X and standard version have limited time to work with due to their runtime and since the service was in the extra time in the r18 version that means they would have to remove some of the story segments to make room to include some in the AT-X version. There is actually something like that in the standard version which I will address when we get to it.

The episode opens with something that is just foreshadowing to the same scene later. Seems like it is just done for filler purposes which makes me wonder if the at-x version may have not included it in order to give itself 10 extra seconds to work with later to get some service in.

Mio returns from school thinking about all the stuff she has to do around the temple and discovers someone there when she arrives.

Mio tells the person she lives at the temple and asks what he needs. The guy asks about a memorial service for a family member since it is the 49th day after their death which is an important date in Buddhism and the service is done at a temple so the guy wants to know if he can do it there. Mio is confused not knowing anything about the stuff and says it is okay till Kujo shows up to help out.

Kujo tells him that many people hold the memorial service on a different day so that they can make it better instead and asks the man to come inside so they can talk about it further. Mio realizes that she got it wrong and almost messed it up but Kujo tells her that he will teach her later on about the temple so she can help out more.

Mio is depressed about how she knows nothing about the stuff that goes on in the temple since she has only been to such events a few times in her life. Kujo comes in with one of his books he used when he was studying to be a monk to help her. At this point there is some differences between the standard version and the R18 version but these seems to be because of time constraints. Since the r18 version is online there is no limit so I assume the reason this following scene was slightly altered for the standard version was to shave off a few seconds.

This short scene is only in the r18 version. Not only that the two pans in the standard version are shorter as well. During scene in which Kujo is reading the standard version cuts away sooner while the r18 version continues panning up for about a second or two. After this in the r18 version we see this zoomed out scene before giving a panning shot of Mio. The standard version cuts into the panning shot of Mio right after the Kujo panning scene however the Mio panning scene in the standard version is also shortened with the pan starting at her waist while the r18 version starts at her knees. An odd change but like I said I suspect it is a time issue thing.

Mio a cute.

Mio listens as Kujo reads everything to her from the book when he notices her staring at him. She tells him how impressed she is at how smart he is about everything embarrassing him.

Unable to resist that face he asks her if they can do it today and she agrees. At this point is when most of the extra time in the r18 version starts and all the service as well. The standard version shows a few parts in a similar way to the previous episode by having a strange pink hue to them as the only difference while the r18 version does not.

After this is when the standard version and R18 version split with all of the following being in the r18 version only. Since the AT-X version was not uploaded I don’t know how much if any of this was in that version but at this point in the episode they are almost out of time so in order for the at-x version to have shown any of this it would have needed to cut some content from earlier in the episode out.

So after this the standard and r18 version join up for the same single frame ending the episode but with the standard version having that pink hue while the r18 one does not.

And with that the episode ends.


Webm album.


This episode was mainly more story focused this time but fortunately the extra time given to the R18 version gave us stuff to make up for it. Not only that it also contained a scene that had to be shortened otherwise due to airtime limitations for the other version. It really shows the benefit to having an online airing not only for the uncensored content and more extreme content at that but also some stuff that would otherwise have to be left out due to time restrictions can now be kept in.

Hopefully this issue with no uploads of the at-x version is just a one time problem since I liked showing the differences between all 3 versions. I suppose it is also possible that there were no differences in the at-x version this time from the standard since there was no actual nudity this time. That could explain the no upload I guess but without it I can’t be sure. Also subs took longer to appear this week than normal so that is why this was posted now instead of Wednesday like I try to aim for. Hopefully uploads of the at-x version resume again next week as well as subs being sooner.

I was actually going to do a news post on that newly announced show for summer that will have an r18 version as well to function as a filler post in place of my regularly schedule soryo post since I was unable to do it. However there were no uploads of the manga except for 1 chapter later on that I could use as examples which is what I wanted to show people when doing such a post.