7Sins Episode X Fanservice Review

We enter the Final Arc of 7Sins, and our eyes aren’t even focused on it… we are already looking to the specials as the last hope………

Alright friday, time to get this shit over with…

Greek Vainglory is Hot

her disappearing upper lip though……  is not hot.

No lactation….. dissapointed


This week’s episode seems like an apology honestly (especially considering how the last 3 sins didn’t get their tits out), the entire set up was pretty much a quick ladder match between the Pride faithful and Vainglory’s rack. And Vainglory’s rack wins almost every time. I mentioned a couple reviews ago that if this sucked from episodes 4-10 it’d have a worse record than Valkyrie Drive, but to give credit where it’s due, this episode really stepped it up.

Doesn’t mean this show is giving us Hoods/ARMS quality visuals…. but content-wise this episode was a major step in the right direction….

shame there’s only 2 EPISODES LEFT.

7Sins Thoughts…

Given the budgetary issues of this show who knows what redraws, decensoring, and the specials will ultimately look like, THAT I am afraid of…. however, if the studio uses the same thought process for the BD releases that they used for this episode, I think we will be in for some good stuff.

The girl’s have the bodies for it, but you need creativity behind it and a well directed scene to boot if you want shit to get an A+ from me. Even with all the appreciated nudity in this episode, every scene was far too short to really enjoy. And considering that MOST of the Sins were only shown in their specific episodes, we have nothing to connect with them on.

Lust, Greed, and Vainglory all tickle my fancy physically, but they’ll never have the same kind of impact that a scene with Chifusa and Kaede could have in Manyuu. You had the whole series to get to know just two girls, so when Kaede started lezzing out on Chifusa the moment had greater impact because of the relationship the two shared previously.

Overall the episode was a definite step in the right direction, and did much to renew my faith in at least the BD specials being great.

Solid B episode. Have an end card……

actually, keep that one….