Dog Days”: Limone Resort Tenbou Onsen! (Dog Days S3 Specials 02 – 05) DVD Fanservice Review

What if all the girls went to an onsen and nobody knew about it???


Japanese title from MAL:

Dog Days”: Limone Resort Tenbou Onsen!

English title and plot synopsis from AniDB:

Episode: Dog Days“ – S2 – Limone Resort Outlook Hot Spring!

Bonus onsen/fanservice DVD episode, available for those who bought the entire third season on Blu-Ray/DVD.

AKA Dog Days S3 Episode 12.5.  It’s a bonus episode where the Dog Days cast goes to an onsen before the heroes return to their world at the end of Season 3.  A fanservice reward for loyal Dog Days fans who bought all the BDs/DVDs.

The AniDB entry for Dog Days S3 lists the onsen episode 12.5 as Special 02.  Also included in the bonus DVD are Specials 03 – 06 which are 1-minute Gravure Talks which slowly pan over a large still image.  You can find the stitches for the girl’s Gravure Talks (SP 03 – 05) below.  But I did skip The boy’s Gravure Talk (SP 06) since it was man-service.

Special 02

Nice way to start with a changing room scene.

Leo has a great pair.  She started showing them off more in Season 3.

If only the panty shots were as up close and as good as this during the TV season.

Onsen time!

Time to lose those towels!

The “Three Stooges” and a washtub.  The sexy version…

About time Nanami started showing her skin off more.  She’s got a great body…

Great asses on these lasses!  With or without tails…

Girls gotta help each other keep clean…

Eclair has such a nice ass, er, tail….

Yuki is best Boobs, er, Girl in Dog Days…

Even lolis have nice asses in Dog Days…

The older women in Dog Days are such hotties too.  MILF flag triggered…

Leo looks great bathing next to a waterfall…

Catgirl tail as convenient censor.  LOL.

Milfi and Becky are such best friends.  Leads to some yuri vibes too…

Whoa.  The Three Stooges are jumping for joy and showing off their lovely asses too…

No peeping toms allowed here….

Adele has the be the hottest old lady ever….

The girl in that background is a giant.  No really.  But what lovely legs she has…

And now the Three Stooges squeeze their boobs for fans.  LOL…

Nice how the blonde shows more and more of her boobs.  Blank or not…

Probably the most revealing shot of Leo’s pair in all of Dogs Days.  Blank but very nice…

If mc-kun doesn’t marry either one of these girls, the should marry each other…

Special 03

Special 04

Special 05


A former fapservice author, YouNoThatman, made a project of finding under-the-radar OVAs with fanservice that a lot of ecchi fans might not have seen nor heard of.  He’s the one who found a raw of the Dog Days” Bonus DVD.  He was surprised since he was also a Dog Days fan and had never heard of the bonus specials.

I made the original stitches as a favor to another writer and had fun doing although working with shifting backgrounds and shifting characters made it challenging at times.

Unfortunately, YouNoThatman later moved on to other things before reviewing the Dog Days S3 bonus DVD.

Fortunately, not publishing those early stitches back then wound up being a blessing in disguise.  Turns out while experimenting with using ffmpeg, I had extracted the frames in DVD fullscreen (720 x 480) instead of DVD widescreen (852 x 480).  You can see the difference here.

It’s not like DVD fullscreen is wrong.  Just different.  It was meant for a SD TV after all.  But IMO the DVD widescreen looks better especially if the original was widescreen.  Plus most displays and TVs now support widescreen.  Unfortunately, going from fullscreen to widescreen does add a small black bar at the very bottom.  Fortunately the faces look rounder and more natural.

So I wound up redoing all the stitches and some of the snapshots in  DVD widescreen instead.  Please enjoy…

Also a tip of the hat to godzillakari on FapService Discord for not only knowing about this bonus episode but also for providing motivation and enthusiasm for finishing off this project from my backlog.


Dog Days anime franchise is not for everybody.  Dog Days isn’t meant to be super angsty and super dramatic.  It is not that kind of anime.  Dog Days is actually an “Iyashikei” or “healing” anime.

From TV Tropes:

“Nothing really happens, but in a really good way.”

Sayaka Ohara, voice of Alicia in ARIA

Iyashikei (癒し系) is Japanese for “healing”, a term used for anime and manga created with the specific purpose of having a healing or soothing effect on the audience. Works of this kind often involve alternative realities with little to no conflict, emphasizing nature and the little delights in life. If anybody talks about a “Moe” genre about cute girls doing cute things, it may very likely be in this genre.

Iyashikei anme are trying to make viewers feel good more than telling a complex story or being extra dramatic.  What makes Dog Days unique is that it’s one of the a very small number of healing anime that also delivers on fanservice even if without detailed nudity.  Aria is a more typical example of healing anime and there’s not very much fanservice in Aria.

And of all of Dog Days franchise, Dog Days” Episode 12.5 (Special 02) probably delivers the most fanservice.  Talk about bang for the buck.  What a great way to reward loyal fans after three TV seasons of Dog Days.  We can only hope it wasn’t a final sendoff though….

The girls in Dog Days have really nice asses.  And really nice character designs.  But most of all, it’s really good to see so much skin of the swell anime girls in Dog Days even if there is no detailed nudity (nor will there be).

It’s a shame that these specials were released on DVD and not BD.  Artwork and character designs still look great in ED (Extended Definition) but would have looked even better in HD.

Talk about a stealth release though.  Even though I am a Dogs Days fan, I did not know the onsen special existed until it was brought to my attention and I made stitches for it as a favor.  And more than a year later, I still don’t see much media for it online nor have I seen any English subs.  But maybe I missed them?

Stealth release or not.  Nipples or not.  It’s still good to get a special bonus fanservice episode of a healing anime like Dog Days for ecchi fansb and fans of the franchise.  Very soothing and relaxing and bound to put a smile on the face of a number of fans…  🙂

In the past I have said that I would do fanservice reviews of the Dog Days BDs but making 1080p media is slow going on my older laptop and Dog Days seems overly fond of shifting backgrounds and shifting characters which makes stitches even more time-consuming to make.  Which makes it a time challenge for me since I usually work on backlog projects as time permits.  Hopefully there will be more Dog Days fanservice reviews on fapservice.  If not from me, then perhaps from another author.

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