Achievement unlocked: We have Twitter!

Stay updated like never before!

Hello everyone! Kranesh here bringing a special update not only for the site but for you guys as well, as time progresses it’s clear that posting stuff in our site might not be enough to attract readers and new blood, this is why I had a little chat with the group and I got a special blessing to start the official Fapservice Twitter!

We’re gonna post updates and links to our articles there and I’m also planning to conduct other activities such as feature hentai doujin artists, polls, dank memes and more! So if you have a twitter, do us a favor and hit the follow button and activate the notifications, don’t forget to also retweet and spread the word using #Fapservice because this is just the start of many great and fun things.

Link to the twitter!

That’s all I have to say for now, not your usual content here at Fapservice but one that’s important enough to spread awareness, thanks for reading everyone!