Killing Bites Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?

We’re going in RAW here, so expect a non-understanding of the plot. Base premise seems to be Animorphs but instead of fighting aliens there’s tits and fighting for rich people’s amusement….. or a turf war…. or a Zaibatsu…. or whatever…. do you really care as long as there’s ecchi?


We begin the show with arguably the worst arc in Initial-D, the gang rape ride…

Who knew Mr. Barfy would end up being an MC, he’s in the OP so it’s confirmed. Although considering his conduct throughout the episode, Mr. Pansy-ass would be more appropriate.


Let’s just get the bulk of the perversion out of the way now.

I can say now this show had more ass service than boob service.

She’s basically a badger, thankfully her best bits don’t have hair on them…

Guess the Badger can be cute too.




Unless I’m missing something huge, below is the only shot in the episode I could find which showed a difference between the original and uncensored versions. Not a whole lot.

Amazon may have the uncensored airing, but considering their Anime Strike shenanigan bullshit falling through, I can’t endorse a nebulous uncaring corporate entity. Find your usual covert spot, and DL the HorribleSubs version.

As for Breast Design analysis, they look like something out of the 2000s. Nothing remarkable by Seikon standards, but certainly better than the usual “afterthought” nipples. Glad they went with a clearly defined nipple style as opposed to the DxD gradient type nipple design I hate so much.

Overall the character anatomy is great considering what I originally expected from this show. The girls have more athletic builds than your usual anime, but they aren’t “Terra Formars” muscular either. They are well-toned, and overall designed, shaded, and colored in a very aesthetically pleasing way.

The initial lack of notable service does worry me, and the bare bones change to the “uncensored” airing doesn’t help matters much. That said, we do have confirmed nipples, and they aren’t gradient garbage…  nothing compared to Hoods level but hey, at least it’s something in this dry season. In the end, with the way blu-rays work we can’t be sure what the true final product will be like until months later.

Overall, the special olympic-tier plot will probably have you rolling your eyes and may even make you drop it, and since this is FAPservice I doubt you’ll get much real enjoyment out of this show. Who knows, I can at least say the girls are drawn good and the ecchi factor shows potential. The OP is decent and the ED is great imo, rocking song with the cute Animorphs trying out all sorts of clothes and poses.


We’ll have to wait and see how this show pans out, will it go for ecchi or action? Until then I’ll be waiting.