25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 1


More R18 school lewdness.


So as I was working on this subs ended up appearing for it after I had already wrote stuff up that involved me guessing what was happening due to no subs. I actually planned on handling the show differently since I was expecting no subs as no group claimed it yet. This still is going to be true though for the most part since I’ll be honest this show unlike the previous 3 does not seem interesting at all particularly because we just had a school setting one last season so this feels like more of the same. So I’ll post a few non service stuff just to give context but I probably won’t be posting a massive bunch of subbed screens like what I did with the other 3 r18 shows which I did to help add the context of the scene and will instead just describe everything rather than show it with a bunch of sub screens.

Amazingly the r18 version of the episode is 6 minutes and 8 seconds while the standard is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. When I first saw this I was excited because that is almost twice the length of the standard episode in the r18 version. Unfortunately it is misleading so don’t be fooled because despite the fact that the episode is 2 minutes and 38 seconds longer in the r18 version that is not all extra content. I will address it when we get there but just know this show purposely made the r18 version seem much longer than it really is by doing something when in reality it is only a minute of extra content.


So in case you noticed in just the first few pics watching this show is probably going to be like having a high powered flashlight shown straight in your face whenever anything white is on screen. For some reason the show is too bright and this isn’t an issue with the rip or anything else like that it is how the show actually is.

The main girl Hana is told by her cousin’s mother that her cousin refuses to go to school and skips classes and is in danger of being held back and since Hana looks just like her she wants her to go in her place. Apparently Hana has no job which is why she is being asked to do this since it is implied the mother will pay her. She ends up accepting because she doesn’t want to say no.

While at school Hana is too in doubt this will work and has her head down leading her teacher to think she is sick and sends her to the nurses office. While there she meets another student whom thinks she is her cousin and since they apparently look the same he thinks she is 100 percent her cousin and treats her as such. She discovers that this guy is someone whom her cousin knows but can’t figure out what their relationship is but panics not knowing how to react.

Kanie one of the other teachers comes in to unknowingly save her as he sends the other guy back to class whom was only in the nurse’s office because he claimed to be sick.

Kanie looks at Hana after the other guy left telling her that he knows who she really is after he saw her. He tells Hana she probably doesn’t remember since highschool was so long ago (Both of them being 25 would mean it was around 7 years ago that they graduated) but they were in the same class and that is how he recognized her. She doesn’t recognize him till he tells her his name implying he looks much different now compared to how he looked back then.

She asks him not to tell anyone since she doesn’t want her cousin to fail school and to keep it a secret. Kanie tells her she needs to do something to keep him quiet and kisses her. In the standard version of the episode it pretty much ends at this point and gives the following image next.

After this image is a few seconds of a part of the next scene before the episode ends. In the r18 version though the episode continues on longer with the following.

That image above is the only part of the scene shown in the standard version after that censored screen message before ending if you were curious. Also since I didn’t include subs here you won’t really notice it so I included 1 to give you an idea of how this scene is very VERY different compare to the atmosphere of the previous r18 shows and their first episode. This one has gone full on hentai style blackmail with him making her let him do this in order for him to keep quiet.

Imagine any blackmail hentai dialogue and you pretty much got what was just said in this scene so you can figure out the rest. I’m kind of confused on how to end this post actually because of the scene. This isn’t like the other r18 shows where in the case of Soryo or Skirt both parties were drunk or in the case of Omiai in which it was consensual for both involved. So I’ll just say it ends here with Hana asking how it came to this.

But wait what about the misleading part I talked about at the start? So anyway this episode ends at around the 430 mark but the episode itself is 6 minutes and 8 seconds and the reason for this is because despite this being a short they actually gave it credits that are around a minute and 38 seconds long. This is pretty much the average for normal length shows but for short 5 minute ones I can’t think of any off the top of my head that did this. Normally the ED is around 30 seconds such as in the case of the previous r18 shows which had their EDs around that length.

Now you might ask how is this handled in the standard version? In the standard version the credits play over top of the last 30 seconds of the episode proving that they could had made the ED only 30 seconds which leads me to think they purposely gave the r18 version the full length ED just to give the appearance that the r18 version offers much more than the standard when in reality it was only a minute of extra content. Who knows it is only the first episode so maybe this will change with the second one.

Speaking of credits though here is a really interesting thing. Let’s see if your japanese skills are high enough or you watch enough hentai and pay attention to the credits to recognize something.

Do you see it? Right there in the middle is Studio 1st. They are credited with finishing animation and a few other things. In fact if you watch the credits sequence it is exactly the same as the credits on the hentai that Studio 1st does. Seriously go and watch Jewelry which came out earlier this month by them which also has the same director as this and watch the credits. Not only is it the same but you will probably see that a bunch of things from those credits appear in the credits for this. So what does this mean? The studio that is doing this show is Lilix but they seem to be getting help from Studio 1st which also explains why this entire show looks just like a lot of the hentai that Studio 1st does. Well except for the fact that this show wants to melt my fucking pupils with brightness while the hentai that Studio 1st does isn’t anywhere near as bright.

This also brings up the question of why they didn’t just hire Studio 1st to do the whole show instead much like how we have had Seven do two of them already. Regardless it is interesting to see that they are getting different hentai studios involved with these r18 shows. Perhaps that is going to be the trend of getting different hentai studios to do different r18 shows each season or at least contribute significantly such as in the case of this one.


WebM Album.


Going to be honest I am pretty sure this show will end up being the worst of the r18 ones if only because of the goddamn solar flare emanating out of my computer screen when trying to watch an episode. Really I can’t even focus on anything other than how bright this show is and how much white there is. Why did they do that? I would like to hope it is fixed later on but since they probably already have all the episodes done by now I can’t really expect that. As for the show itself the the first episode didn’t really impress me while the previous r18 shows had pretty decent ones. Coming right off of Omiai is probably not going to help since that show I did actually like and it actually had some nice romance to it so to then move on to a show like this where the guy actually blackmails the main girl is not really the best of transitions.

Seeing Studio 1st involved makes this first episode even odder because if you watched their recent work Jewelry you would see it is actually a happy consensual sex title which is much different from what this show’s first episode consisted of. I should had just used webms from that in this post instead since the art is so similar maybe no one would notice. After all since the main girl in this can pose as her cousin due to looking similar maybe I could get away with the same thing with webms. Except for the fact that their hentai doesn’t look like it was drawn on the surface of the sun as opposed to this which would give it away.

Since this was the first week it was hard to know when uncensored rips would appear since no group initially claimed the show to sub. So hopefully next week it will be easier to know so I can figure out what day I can regularly get these posted. I will probably keep the same format I did this time of not including many subbed screens and fewer non service ones compared to what I did with previous r18 shows because like I said this show just doesn’t seem worth the extra work. Don’t worry though I will probably return to doing what I did with the previous shows when the spring one which will inevitably happen occurs since that will probably be much better than this. On the plus side only 2 weeks till 7Virtues airs which I will be doing the posts on so we will have another show with uncensored nudity to go along with this. Hopefully the service in this show doesn’t blind us in the meantime with massive highbeams protruding from the art.

It has been 2 weeks since I last did a post how did I go that long? I was supposed to be working on a king’s game post that would include all the episodes in one go to use during the season downtime but never got around to it. Probably because of how bad the show was and how they ruined what little service was in it compared to the manga. I’ll still do it eventually…….probably. Show sold so bad I want to do it just so I can point this out. I might be doing something with Marchen as well. A special fanservice collection type of post that will only focus on service pics and webms for the episodes to use as filler for this season so I don’t have to spend a lot of time on it.