Blend S TV fanservice review episode 1:

Hi, everyone (^o^) I’m Kay, a new writer in Fapservice. I will be introducing  an anime about a café that will get you ADDICTED.

The story begins with high school girl Maika Sakuranomiya despite having a cheerful personality but has trouble finding a part time-job because of her sadistic appearance whenever she smiles….

This is when she looks normally.

And this is when she smiles.

Alright, lets introduce the characters in this anime 🙂

This is Maika, the sadistic waitress.

This is Kaho Hinata, the oppai of the anime~

This is Mafuyu Hoshikawa, the loli

This is Miu Amano, the mangaka

This is Hideri Kanzaki, the transsexual

And lastly the guys in the café.

Maika is scouted by Dino the manager of the café to be a waitress. She looks cute at first but this is how she serves her customers. OMG

But they seem to like it. XD

And now, here’s the fanservice in the dressing room and Kaho. :3

After work, Kaho invites Maika and Mafuyu to the arcade.

The crowd is gathering because of Kaho’s dancing and these…

That’s a great applause. XD

Kaho got Mafuyu the toy she wanted.

The episode ends with them having a great time in the arcade.

Now let’s enjoy the ending fanservice.

That’s it, stay tune for the next episode fanservice review. There will be more of them ~ (^^)v