Konohana Kitan Fanservice Review episodes 9-12

Konohana Kitan finishes quietly, but not before a few last trips to the hot springs.


Episode 9



Episode 10



Episodes 11-12


No fanservice content.


Final thoughts


The first blu-ray of the series released back on December 17th, yet there hasn’t been a mention of this series yet on the blogs or 2chan (to the best of my knowledge).  That is pretty much always a bad sign if you are looking forward to pervy blu-ray changes.

Lerche has a good history with staying true to spankable source material.  The lack of obvious censorship is a concern, but Lerche is no stranger to redraws.  With that said, I’m pretty sure at this point there won’t be any changes on blu-ray.  And really, if this series does drop the ball, it would be a proper ending to an underwhelming 2017.

It’s worth noting that volume 1 sold only ~1100 copies so far.  And usually when you see numbers that low, it’s because the anime failed to land a direct hit with the intended audience.  It’s certainly not because Konohana Kitan is a bad anime.  It had nice art, good atmosphere and did the kinds of things to make slice of life fans happy.  The manga knew how to make onsen scenes fun, even if it wasn’t in an overtly pervy way.  Unfortunately it appears the anime miscalculated and tamed things down instead.

In better news, the Netflix Devilman series dropped last week and it is shockingly full of nudity.  A loooot of it.  Well, it shouldn’t be shocking I guess since Go Nagai, but still shocking because it’s Netflix anime.  Who can say what this might mean for American produced anime going forward, but it really can’t be considered a bad sign can it?  Posts will be upcoming soon for Devilman, stay tuned!