Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 1 & 2:

Being simple-minded is a blessing in disguised (^^)v

Episode 1: 

Yo everyone!! Today, we’ll be introducing you a girl who loves to eat BANANAS!! – Yoshiko Hanabatake~ Besides eating bananas, she’s capable of getting straight 0% in all of her test too. XD

I’m sure she didn’t write any thing on the answer sheets that’s why!! But how did her childhood friend, Akuru Akutsu get almost prefect score without writing anything on it too?!!

This childhood friend is someone who resorts to violence when he couldn’t stand Yoshiko’s idiotic behavior.  XD

And now, the power of PANTSU!!

Even Yoshiko’s mother lost hope on her…..XD

In the class, Akutsu resorts to violence again…. (-.-)

Just WTF is she thinking!! Soon, they magazine was caught by the Disciplinary Committee President. I would call the the President of Boobs too~ (^^)

Yoshiko is capable of finding an opening to grope her. XD But eventually, Akutsu punched her to save the boob president….

Well, this is love at first sight i suppose. XD The boob president develops a crush on Akutsu.

I would say the male mc Akutsu is basically an idiot who resorts with violence to solve his problems. Probably got affected by Yoshiko’s character~ XD

Episode 2: 

3 little kids playing together at the park and is joined by Yoshiko.

While playing, she got distracted and starts building a huge sand castle. XD

Suddenly, Akutsu interferes to take her back. But it looks like he’s joining the game too. XD

Yoshiko tries to counterattack with a flying kick. But it’ didn’t work well. She flashed her panties in the end.

Yoshiko lost in the end. Akutsu drag her back to continue her studies. XD Later on, the boob president was groped by Yoshiko again after trying to approach Akutsu. XD

It seems that Yoshiko is very good at groping. But still, the boob president defeats her. She didn’t get what she wants in the end thou….

When she found herself waking up in Akutsu’s arms, she was overjoyed.

In overall, the comedy was very good with the idiotic behaviour of Yoshiko and all the people around her. Hope to see more of the fanservice in the BD. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next fanservice review!! (^^)/