Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 12 (FINAL):

The End? It’s probably just the beginning (^o^)/………

Well, this is the last episode of Imouto sae Ireba Ii (T^T)…..I hope you guys are enjoying this anime too~ XD

More details about Itsuki’s past is revealed. He spends most of his time reading imouto novels to escape from reality. Until one day, a girl shows up and talks about imouto novels with him.

Initially, the girl was very nice to him. Often spending time in his room reading imouto novels and even cosplay his favorite characters for him.

But one day, he was left devastated after being bro-zoned by this girl when he tried to confess about his feelings to her.

After that, he vowed to become a protagonist in his own life and starts writing imouto fantasy novels.

Later on, Itsuki woke up and Nayuta was just right beside him.

He shared what he recalled in his dream with Nayuta. It was something that changed him to become who he is today. After knowing that his novel will be made into an anime, all of his friends came to celebrate with him. After playing a board game, they all went back to their home together.

The anime ends with some naked fanservice from Nayuta and also Itsuki’s ‘brother’. (^^)

While Itsuki was working on his novel until the next day, he received a call saying that there’s some unfavorable circumstances with the making of his anime. However, even with all the disadvantages, he is still determined to give it a try!!

That’s it. Thanks for reading, hope you guys are watching this anime too!!¬† (^^)v


Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/Ending theme: 9¬†Although I don’t feel anything about the song for the opening theme, but I think the song is still pretty good. Probably it is not my cup of tea, so yeah …. XD

Illustration Art: 9 In overall, the illustrations for the character, scenery and their background is very detailed. Although the anime has very static background, it adds the advantage of making stitches easier.

Character Development: 9 Initially, i find the theme of a siscon anime is way too common especially the knowing the male mc is another novelist again. However after watching this anime, I like the character of the male mc!! Unlike some of the male mc is the siscon anime where they are ambiguous about their feelings about their sister, Ituski is a 100% siscon from the beginning to the end. Aside from that, the story development of this anime is very straight to the point. All relationship of the characters and their personalities are clearly defined from the begining

Comedy: 9 Most of the comedy for this anime comes from the sister fetish of the male mc and mostly from his imouto fantasy!! The shameless personality of Nayuta also makes the comedy even more interesting. Some of their actions throughout this anime makes me wanna shout “WTF did I just saw!!”.

Fanservice: 8 The fanservice for this anime is pretty consistent with lots of naked imouto fantasy and stripping scene. However, it is TOO CONSISTENT!! Really hope they can improve it with some nipples sightings.

Average: 8.8 !! Whether you guys are watching it for the fanservice or the comedy, it is definitely an anime worth watching !!

Do you agree with the ratings? Do let us know about your opinions for this anime. (^_-) Have a great day!!!