Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 3 & 4:

Can panties really tell a personality of a girl? XD 

Episode 3:

Yoshiko’s mother is worried that Sayaka might steal Akutsu away from Yoshiko with her cute and innocent looks and demands to check her panties to know more about her personalities.

Well, it’s normal for a girl to refuse. And they have no choice to handcuff her. XD

Luckily, Akutsu intervenes in time to save her panties from being shown.

But because Sayaka dislikes resorting to violence, she agrees to show them her panties. XD

Later on, a large stray dog appears at the park attacks the kids there.

Yoshiko tries to ride it without thinking of the consequences. Eventually, she still managed to tame the dog and rides it home. (^^)

Yoshiko eats some domestically grown bananas. The bananas are so good that it brought Yoshiko into tears. XD

She drags Sayaka along to sprint across Japan just to thank the farmer. XD

They finally reached their destination the next morning.

After that, Sayaka begs the farmer on all fours to lend them a train fare back. (^o^) Sprinting 100km is really tiring. If I’m the farmer, I would be really touched if someone sprinting all the way here just to thank me for the fruits that i planted. XD

After knowing their exams results, Akutsu is not happy with not getting hundred in all the subjects. So, Yoshiko decides to cheer him up at home like a mother to her baby. XD

She even took a picture and sent them to Sayaka. XD In which resulting Akutsu to knock her out again with violence.

Unfortunately, it was witnessed by his sister. XD

Episode 4:

This episode highlights Yoshiko and the girls planning to sneak into Akutsu’s room to know what kind of present he likes for his birthday. (^_^)

And the episode ends with Yoshiko sleeping in Akutsu’s bed. XD

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)/