The Seven Heavenly Virtues BD gives two bonus episodes


The BD release of Seven Heavenly Virtues includes an extra in the form of episode 11 and 12.


With the release of the BD of Seven Heavenly Virtues we get a bonus of episode 11 and 12 included with it along with a few other things. So first let’s go over the episodes. Obviously since they are not subbed yet I can only assume what is going on in the episode based on appearance and what some japanese sites say.



Episode 11

This episode was title “Qualities of a Messiah” and seems to be a test for one of the candidates to see if they are suitable for the role.


Sandalphon and Metatron seem to be conducting a test to judge a potential candidate and are using Uriel as the main bait as part of the test.

After the candidate is called in they are hooked up to a monitoring device placed on their head that Sandalphon made in order to judge what the candidate’s reaction to the test will be. Sandalphon will see on her computer where the candidate’s eyes are currently looking thanks to the device and thus she will be able to tell if he can pass the test or not. Where he is looking seems to be indicated by a mouse cursor on the screen so you can see what the candidate is currently looking at.

They begin the test and first see where he is looking at in regards to Metatron. After making sure everything works they have Uriel’s body lift up on the table to get a better look and begin the real test to see what he looks at.

After completing that phase of the test they move onto the next.

Uriel has her clothes removed in the next part so they can judge where the candidate will look now that he has a naked girl in front of him.

The next phase is to have the arms start tickling her to get a reaction out of her to see how the candidate responds to that.

After all is said and done the candidate fails the test as indicated by the program and it looks like a trapdoor opens up beneath him sending him out of the room.

Wish she had still been panting during this angle but oh well. Now that the test is complete they let Uriel go so she can get some rest and realize they have to keep searching to find a suitable person to pass all of their tests to be a Messiah and the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Episode 12

This episode was titled “Splash! A new intensive training” and despite what it’s name would make you think it turns out it wasn’t a beach/pool episode but instead a water gun fight. This episode is obviously the best of the two as it leads to nudity of all the girls in this episode.


Michael has called everyone to the park to do some training to improve their agility by using water guns (Or she played Peach Beach Splash and wants to make a 7virtues version of it). The others are worried about doing something embarrassing like a water gun fight in the park but Sandalphon shows the others the invention she made which makes them all invisible to humans so they can do whatever they want without getting seen.

As the training begins Michael notices that all of them seem to be playing around with the water guns instead of taking the training seriously like they are supposed to angering her. It’s a shame these water gun fights are shown as static image montages but considering the short runtime of the episode it makes sense since they obviously don’t have the time to show it unfortunately. If it had been full length we probably would had got to see the fights animated.

Michael angry at everyone playing around starts to shoot everyone. After getting drenched however everyone starts to notice something happening to their swimsuits.

Everyone’s swimsuits begin to melt after getting wet. Apparently Michael purposely gave everyone swimsuits to wear that would melt when wet in order to encourage them to avoid getting hit with water. After all this is supposed to be agility training and making someone’s clothes melt would give them a reason to take the training seriously.

With most everyone having been stripped naked completely with their clothes destroyed those that remain try to fight back. Uriel tries first to beat Michael only to fail and having her remaining clothes completely destroyed as well. Metatron then gets ready to try and beat Michael herself.

Metatron and Michael fight with Michael still winning in the end but not without her clothes being destroyed as well in the process. During the fight however water splashes onto the device Sandalphone created which currently is making everyone invisible and as a result of it getting wet it breaks and explodes thus removing the invisible cloak that was on everyone.

Fitting that Gabriel and Sandalphon are together for being best girls.

With the device destroyed everyone loses their invisibility that prevented everyone in the park from seeing them training. This results in the large crowd that had gathered in the park that day seeing everyone suddenly appear in the park naked. Michael then realizes she messed up by destroying the device on accident and exposing everyone to the crowd. And with that the episode ends.



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Naked ED

Back when I did the post for the first episode I mentioned that the BD description said it would include a naked version of the ED. As promised the BD delivered just that and gave us a different version of the ED that was used on the episodes with everyone fully naked instead of wearing transparent see through clothing.


You can find the webm for the ED placed in the album for episode 12 above.


Zunta artbook and other stuff


The BD versions of the original 10 episodes don’t appear to have any changes other than some background differences on some of the eyecatches that occur in the middle of the episode. On Nylon66’s blog you can see pics of all the differences but they just seem to be a minor change such as this..


The other important inclusion of note with the BD is the artbook by Zunta. This artbook includes all the various artwork that was posted multiple times a week on the official twitter. If you looked in the comments of my posts you would see me posting all of the ones that were released in that week’s time so you have probably seen them all. What is really important though is that it turns out many of this artwork was in reality censored for twitter. Nylon66 posted a few pics of the artbook and in the pages of the artbook you can see the comparisons between the original twitter version and the uncensored BD version artwork.

Kind of wish the artbook had been like the ones that were included with the 7sins BDs in which they had short manga stories along with artwork since Zunta being a hentai artist probably could had did some interesting things like those artists did. At the very least though it does give some nudity that many probably were not expecting since there doesn’t seem to had been any kind of clue prior that we would get changes to the artwork. Would be nice if it got scanned at some point but since only four of the 7sins BD booklets have been scanned so far I’m not getting my hopes up too much.


So with that the series is done with for now. I doubt however this will be the end as the figures for 7virtues have only just started to come out with only Michael’s released so far and Raphael getting one next. When it comes to the series as a whole my guess is HJ will probably want to focus on 7virtues the most rather than go back to 7sins because of the new figures coming out. 7sins as a figure line has been around for years and all the characters have had multiple figures released now which were rereleased when the anime aired last year. There probably isn’t much more they can do with them at this point that hasn’t been done other than make more figures of the same characters. Chances are focusing on the new characters in 7virtues that don’t have ones yet will take higher priority and as such it would make more sense to focus attention on the virtues from this point on in order to promote sales of their new figures.

With that said though I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with them maybe doing another round of the 7sins characters but put in a similar format as 7virtues to serve as filler till another full length show is made. Maybe create the same situation in which each of the 7sins are now searching for someone to train to help them fight against heaven. It actually would make sense since if you have ever visited the main site for 7sins or 7virtues then you would see before entering it that it asks you to pick a side and if you want to be a savior candidate or dark lord worshiper. So in theory the setup is there to do a similar thing with the sins and since the sins are demons not angels that would certainly allow for far more lewd situations as the 7sins would be actively attempting it rather then it being by accident like the virtues did. Just imagine if those short manga stories we got in the 7Sins BD booklets would be the kind of stuff we get in a 7sins short. Such a thing would actually work out rather nice as a filler type series in preparation for a new full length one in which both sides with their trained candidates fight each other.

If by chance we ever do get a new full length series I would not be surprised though if it was told from the perspective of the 7virtues with them being the heroes. That would certainly fit better as the Sins being sins should be shown as doing and being evil while the angels try to stop them. Can simply make it that the Virtues want to save humanity now after spending their time on earth in this series and they plan on doing this by eliminating the Sins in hopes it will make humans less sinful and thus proven worthy of saving. Then again it is also possible HJ might just make the first series non canon now and rewrite things who knows.

In the end though I doubt this will be the end of the series as they still have more figures to make and probably want to use more anime to promote it one way or the other. For the remainder of the year the only thing HJ has left are the Queens Blade Unlimited and Bikini Warriors ovas coming out in July. After that who knows what could be in planning. Maybe they will announce more stuff for this series be it another short but with the Sins this time or a continuation of the 7Virtues shorts or maybe even a full length series. If we do get another full length series someday I do hope it is with the 7virtues as the main characters as they were more likable in my opinion than the 7sins. This show overall was simply a lighthearted service show and I feel that is what made it better than 7sins despite being a short. I much prefer that kind of atmosphere for ecchi shows rather than something serious. And in the end it did give us nudity of all the girls which is what’s really important.

It’s kind of funny and fitting I was the one that covered this show. I went to a private catholic school from kindergarten through 8th grade so me doing a show about angels and lewding those angels is kind of ironic and funny. Wonder how I would had reacted if you went to younger me when at school and said “hey you will one day write posts about angels and all other lewd religious stuff on a site for people that jerk off to anime” I guess all those virtues they teach you there didn’t have an impact on me. My ero power was too high to be impacted by such things.