Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures fanservice compilation

All in all, this was a pretty good OVA/Movie/whatever by Production IMS.  Hopefully this is the first of a long line of similar efforts in the future. It’s even better in condensed form, of course.


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Production Company: Production IMS

Vintage:  Winter 2018



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Thoughts on the anime


It seems the further this series goes along the less involved the story is and the more “hentai” level the service gets.  But I guess that’s okay.  At the end of the day, story is really just a perk, not a feature in shows like these.

While I genuinely would love to watch a high production value hentai of Basara fucking these girls’ brains out, I hope that side of the series is kept separate, because by then it won’t feel “ecchi” any more. Of course, we know those X-rated chapters are coming (no pun intended).  So what should they do about it?

In a best case scenario, the makers of this series could release a hentai concurrently with the anime in a similar way that Princess Lover did.  There was Princess Lover the ecchi show, and then there was Princess Lover the pixelated hentai.  It was nice because both the hentai and the ecchi felt appropriate for being based on a Visual Novel.  Ecchi does most things better than hentai, but obviously hentai can do things ecchi can’t, so it’s nice having both.

This kind of split role approach would be useful for this series.  Departures blurs the line between ecchi and hentai more than ever. And as it evolves more toward the latter, the less it feels like the former while still falling well short of the X-rated content level found in a true hentai.

The visuals aren’t really that much more risque than they were in Burst, but the voice acting seems to have definitely shifted into hentai mode even more than before.

Pretty much all of these girls are screamers, and I’ll be honest, it kind of takes me out of it.  Chisato in particular sounds like she’s taking a thousand dicks all at once just from having her titty touched.  If someone overheard Chisato and didn’t know what was going on, they’d call 911.  I’m sure some of you guys loved it, but it was too much for me personally.

(Actually, there was one part where the screaming worked.  It’s where Zest is having her boobs mashed together in a circular fashion and she’s taking shallow breaths like she’s on the very edge of cumming.  That part was great.)

Maybe if this anime had an all-star cast the way High School DxD does I might feel different.  Yoko Hikasa’s shouts of ecstasy in various series (Seikon no Qwaser, etc) are awesome fun, and I’m guessing Shizuka Itou (who is immensely talented and is supposedly experienced in hentai) would be a blast as well.

But Shinmai definitely doesn’t have an all-star cast and the talent level is most evident during the erotic scenes when the voice actresses try to stay in character but also try to sound like they are climaxing.  I don’t think they quite have the talent to pull it off.  That’s why I included a basic AMV at the end, because I thought some of the scenes worked better with audio replacement.

Of course, the service itself was amazing.  This has to be the most boob-play ever in an ecchi OVA.  The art quality was also the best in the series so far.  Easily.  And though it wasn’t really explained, it was sexy AF seeing milk blast out of Chisato’s MILF udders (and her embarrassment just made it hotter).  Not ‘soma’ or some other fictional milk replacement that is more tolerable for sensitive audience members, but actual goddamn milk.  Chisato climaxing to a double-barrelled milk shotgun blast is about as close to a moneyshot as we’ve seen since the good old days.

By the sound of it, the OVA was a solid success on blu-ray (comparable to the success of season two) and when factoring in theater revenues, it’s a safe bet that this won’t be the last we’ll see of the series.

Will we get a third TV season?  Possible, but I suspect they’ll continue the OVA route similar to what Strike the Blood and Queen’s Blade have been doing.  I think they kind of have to considering how raunchy the series is about to get, it would be censored to the point of being unwatchable on TV.

Whichever form the next iteration of the series takes, I’m sure it will continue to be must-see.

Favorite character – it will always be Maria.  But with that said, Yuki has the funnest naked time.  She needs more!