Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 7 & 8:

It’s time for some good laugh from Aho Girl again!! (^^)

Episode 7:

This time, Yoshiko’s teacher is having some trouble in love life.

Akutsu’s reactions hurt her even more. XD

Yoshiko decided to cheer the teacher up by cross dressing as Yoshio!! XD

After that, Yoshiko tries to befriend with some of her classmates with an eccentric manner~ XD (flipping her skirt while getting close to them) LOL

They managed to trick Yoshiko to play hide and seek~ As a result, Yoshiko was absent in class for 3 days. XD

The girls feel bad about it and started searching for her. They eventually found Yoshiko hiding under a drain. XD

Episode 8:

This episode highlights the stalkerish behaviour of the boob president~

Sayaka tried to talk to her about it so that she can change her behavior towards Akutsu but she failed to do so~ XD

Alright, that’s it for this episode of fanservice review!! Be sure to watch this anime to know more. Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v