Devilman Crybaby Fanservice Review Episodes 5-10

More boobs and blood as Devilman Crybaby races towards a shocking conclusion.


Episode 5


In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a see-thru negligee she’s wearing.  She’s wearing normal pajamas, but our lucky hero sometimes has the “curse” of seeing through clothes whether he likes it or not.  I really wish more pervy anime would use the “X-ray vision” method.


Random visions of sex.


Devilman finds himself in yet another demonic orgy.  This time he’s seduced and motorboats his would be assassin.  About midway through sex she tries killing him, and a long, naked (and gory) battle ensues.


Devilman is beaten, but his opponent dies before she can finish him off.


Episode 6


This was a well drawn butt, a rarity in this series.


Miko is the rival (and best friend?) of the main female protagonist.  Here she finally gets some much needed naked time.  She’s secretly a demon like Devilman, which is why she has such derp face.  Nice titties though.


Miko probably has a great ass too, but unfortunately this series tended to draw the characters to more to look more eccentric than attractive in many cases.

Album link.


Episode 7


Miko gets raped at gunpoint while out on a jog (which I have to imagine is insanely unlikely in Japan).  Miko turns the tables on her attacker during sex (which she seems to be in command of the whole way) by ripping her attacker’s head of mid-coitus.  And like the Praying Mantis, she doesn’t let a headless partner interrupt a good time.


Episode 8


Some amazon tribe nudity, and some underwear shots.


Episode 10


Demon boobs.  And that’s it.


Overall thoughts:


I’m not saying this is a great anime, but I enjoyed it.  The art style, the graphic violence, the gratuitous nudity and wild sex all did justice to Go Nagai’s vision.   This series was produced by Netflix so I totally expected it to water things down and be safe.  Instead Netflix took risks and I appreciate that they had the balls to do so.

The ending is controversial.  Some liked it, some didn’t.  Personally, I like mindfuck endings like Berserk and Evangelion, but I can get how some people wouldn’t.  Speaking for myself, I find these endings reveal how much I really care about the characters, which is often more than I had thought.

The series mostly seemed to do well with fans.  It scored a 7.7 on IMDB and an 8/10 on MAL.  It’s also believed to have been a commercial success for Netflix.  While a direct sequel might be tricky, there’s plenty of other Go Nagai series Netflix may consider.  The most intriguing is Devil Lady, which would be an interesting anime in this day and age with the massive amount of nudity (even by Go Nagai standards) that it would have if adapted faithfully.

It was rumored that Netflix might announce a follow up anime sometime in May.  It hasn’t happened yet and May is almost over.  But I think it would be fair to say that a follow up anime is easily justified if they choose to do so.


Edit:  Here’s a download for the images used on all 10 episodes of this series.