High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 07

Issei returns to a hero’s welcome.


Episode 07 kicks off with a stage reenactment of the booby dragon’s victory.  For some strange reason, most of the audience is made up of very young children, mostly boys, who idolize Issei.  There’s even a brief scene later in the episode where Issei meets up with an adoring fan.  It’s interesting to see how Issei has evolved over the series, from a loser to a try hard hero to the point now where he’s basically ecchi Iron Man.

Anyway, there’s a little bit of low key service in the play, as well as a strange new “catwoman” inspired outfit for Koneko:


Later on, Irina asks Issei for some help with a tight zipper as she changes into a costume.  I wonder what what could happen?


What can’t be conveyed in these pictures are that Irina’s nipples stay on screen almost uninterrupted for basically a minute straight.  And those looks are done at medium to medium-close distance.  This is how it’s done right.

Anyway, the other main members of Issei’s harem quickly arrive on the scene and you can guess what happens next:


While far short of qwaser/manyuu levels, each pair of breasts is uniquely shaped and each set of nipples is at least a little different, even if the differences are mostly coloration.  While there is certainly less nudity than previous seasons, and least the improved oppai detail helps make up for the lack of quantity to some extent.

Also, what happened to Koneko?  Did she hit a growth spurt this season?  Her breasts look like legit C cups in this episode.  Hopefully this is just some quirky animation because the series is short on flat justice to begin with.  Or is Kunou going to be the new flat service savior?




Ravel Phenex joins the academy officially.  I have to say that her new character design is pretty cute.

Issei asks Koneko to befriend Ravel (since they are in the same grade), but Koneko starts a feud with Ravel instead, calling her “Fried Chicken.”





webm gallery



Overall Thoughts


Just one nude scene this week, which is a little disappointing, but at least it’s a decently long one.


Other stuff that happened in this episode:

  • There’s a scene where Issei plots a strategy with Kiba for the upcoming battle with Sairaorg.
  • There’s a fun scene where Issei and Ddraig have an emotional bonding moment.
  • We learn the tragic story Sairaorg and his mother (who happens to be Rias’s aunt).  His mother was quite the fox just a few years earlier but now she appears much older and seems to be on the brink of death.
  • Issei is summoned to meet Sairaorg’s unconscious and dying mother in an (unsuccessful) attempt to communicate with her.  There is some bonding between Issie and Sairaorg afterward.


While I definitely would prefer there to be more time allotted for service this season, I have to respect how much effort Passione has put into the world building of DxD.  The characters feel much more rounded out this season, and locations no longer feel like random backdrops.

With all that said, I really hope the service turns it up, and soon.  There’s too many girls, too little time.  Is it too much to ask for Akeno to have some alone time with Issei just once this season?