Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 9


Sick girls can still be cute.


Looks like things are going to head forward into volume 4 now with chapter 11 being used for this episode instead of covering some of the previous skipped stuff. Fortunately this chapter contains a scene from the manga that makes an appearance here and could give potential for BD.


Hanabi has gotten sick and is unable to go to school. Iori offers to stay with her till Konomi comes in and drags her to go to school. Since everyone else has school or work except for Sonoa she is left to take care of Hanabi.

Interestingly they added service here which is good. Here is the manga page and you can see they gave us service of Hanabi not present in the manga.

The good kind of changes. Also the scene with Iori is better in the anime compared to the manga as well as that page just has a panel of her starting to take her shirt off from the side while we get more shown here.


Annoying motion blur making for impossible perfect stitches.

Sonoa not being someone to socialize much has no idea how to handle being alone with someone but decides she has no choice but to try and take care of Hanabi. At that point Hanabi comes in asking for a new cooling pad and Sonoa tries to find one. Hanabi being sick isn’t able to see where she is walking having gotten dizzy and crashes into Sonoa before passing out.

This is also a scene which we may get to see more better in the BD. For comparison here is the manga.

In the manga the buttons are much smaller and we get partial nipples. Hopefully the BD does the same thing especially if they do the better option and just remove the buttons altogether since after all we do see that they are adding service to the show at least.


Hanabi wakes up after having passed out and sees Sonoa was watching over her and keeping her cool. Hanabi tells Sonoa how she feels like a mother to her and tells her about her past and how she never had any friends and how when she was sick her mom helped her calm down.

After hearing about her family Sonoa asks Hanabi if she misses them and home. Hanabi tells her she is fine since everyone there reminds her of a family with each person serving their own role and is nice to her. Sonoa tells her that because she thinks that way is why everyone there is nice to her and likes her. Sonoa then stays watching over her.

After Hanabi gets better everyone tells Sonoa she did a good job taking care of her. Sonoa then sneezes having now gotten sick after taking care of Hanabi. This then leads to everyone wondering what she was doing with Hanabi to get sick in the first place angering her and the episode ends.



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If I had to guess I would assume the show will use the remaining 3 episodes to cover the rest of volume 4 so it can end there. This episode had a good opportunity for them to add nudity on BD and even though the manga page only contains partial nipples we do see in this very same episode that they added service not present in the manga at the start with Hanabi’s shirt so hopefully they do the same with Sonoa. Hard to tell what parts of volume 4 they are going to adapt for the remaining episodes but if they do the next chapter next week then we will get a Yuu and Yoriko episode which could be nice since there is some service in that chapter of them to give us.

Looks like I might be doing the r18 show for next season. I have an idea of what the hint they gave is and I’ll post about it in the comments. If you can read this then you probably read the hidden message I wrote in the last 25sai post  and saw that I said “watch as a male centered manga gets the r18 treatment now after I quit” and it looks like that may have happened now.