Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 11 & 12 FINAL:

Finally, it’s time to know the results !! (^^)/

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Episode 11:

Due to the underwear theft incident, the relationship among the Class D students erodes and the girls demands to separate the girls and boys camp.

The male mc had a change of plan after he discovered something hidden under the tree where the class found Ibuki from Class C.

That night, the male mc also discovered that Suzune was sick during the entire test!!

The next day, while the class gathers food before the rainstorm approaches, the male mc ask Suzune to show him the leader card to comform the card he sees from Lex Luthor is real.

Just then, Yamauchi approaches and puts mud on Suzune’s hair which prompts her to throw him to the ground.

While Suzune is washing her hair from the mud, someone secretly steals her leader card away.

Eventually, the culprit was Ibuki and she got away. Unfortunately, Suzune is unable to stop her due to her failing health condition.

Episode 12:

The leader of Class D, Suzune is down. The setbacks keeps happening one after another and Class D is in hot water right now….

Everyone is devastated with the news.

And this is the final day of the survival test.

It was reveal that Class D is the winner!! \(^^)/

Everyone was surprised but delighted with the results despite all the setbacks that occurred. Afterwards, Suzune rushed to find the male mc to know what actually happened. This is where everything is explained.

Lastly, in the meeting with the hot teacher, it was revealed that the man who wanted the male mc to be expelled is actually his father. However, the male mc will still continue to defy him.

The male mc then tells Suzune that she needs allies and the male mc makes it appears that she played a vital role for the class victory and others should put their trust in her.


Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/ Ending theme: 10 Both of the opening and ending theme is very good. I’m having a difficult time to choose which song is better because both of them are good!! The opening theme has a very fast and catchy tune. I just love it when i heard it for the first time!! The ending theme has a slower  and relaxing melody that it fits very well to the ending of the anime itself.

Illustrations: 10 From the background illustrations to the character art, it was all very detailed and well done. The facial expression of the characters is also very well defined. The most important part is that the fanservice scene is very well illustrated!! Hence, the studio did a very good job here. (^_^)

Character Development: 6 There are many question marks (?) that arises and are left unanswered throughout the anime.  First of all, the anime didn’t mentioned how did the male mc became friends with Ichinose from Class B and why did she ask the male mc to pretends to go out her where there are also other guys around besides him. I consider Ichinose to be the best girl in this anime but unfortunately there’s not enough appearance of her. Secondly, the anime did not mentioned how did the male mc became close friends with Sudo, Ike and Yamauchi to the point that they always gather at the male mc’s room. And then, there is still nothing known about Suzune and Kikyou and her hidden personality. There is also a clash between the male mc and Suzune’s brother, and what heppens next? In overall, the people in Class A is a mystery!! Lastly, I would also like to mention why does the episode 7 was used as a fanservice episode? This episode can be used to elaborate more things that happened in the Island Survival Arc. The story for the Island Survival Arc is too rushed and how the male mc guess the leader for Class A is very unconvincing as there are many other people in Class A too. I suggest that it would be better to put the pool episode as the last episode for better fanservice and a happier ending.

Element of Surprise: 7 I’m not sure whether this anime should be put into a psychological category or a school life category or even a harem category as neither of them fits into it. So I’ll just called it as an element of surprise. Although there’s a lot of loopholes in the story development, I still find it very surprising with how the circumstances is solved from the male mc’s logic…. It was really entertaining watching this anime to the end and I thought it could’ve been better if there’s a better character development.

Fanservice: 8 The characters of all these elite oppai is already a fanservice itself !!  I’m very happy with the oppai in this anime as they’re all very tantalizing (^^)/ If there’s something more than these in the BD or in the coming season, that’s even better!! I’ll be hoping that there’s more to come.

Average: 8.2 I’m not being biased or lenient with this anime as I’ve already explained the ratings that I gave. It’s not an easy task to find a balance between fanservice and character development.  This anime is still really worth watching despite some loopholes in the character development. It definitely needs a 2nd season because I wanted to see more of elite oppai!!!

Thanks for reading everyone !! Hope you guys enjoy the fanservice of Elite Oppai~ I’m begging for a second season because i couldn’t get enough of it!! Stay tuned for my next fanservice review!! (^^)v

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