Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita gets a PV


At last an R18 show that isn’t based on a josei manga.


If you have read my r18 anime posts and more specifically the recent 25sai posts then you saw in my post for the last episode I said at the end I was for the time being done doing posts on r18 shows since at that point they had become tedious and always felt like the same thing. I said the only way I would do them again is if something actually different happened such as giving us one based on a male oriented manga instead of female ones like we have gotten since these started a year ago. Well sure enough fate doesn’t want me to stop doing these posts since today the very thing I have been asking for in all my posts for all 4 r18 shows I have covered has occurred and that is we finally have an r18 anime that isn’t aimed at women. Today it was announced that the next R18 anime by ComicFesta will be of the manga Onnanoko ga Ochita Saki wa, Ore no Musuko no Sakippo deshita with the show itself being called Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga…Kudattekita or A girl fell from the 2nd floor in english.

The anime is described as an ecchi comedy in it’s description instead of a teen love or whatever they were describing all the other r18 shows as which right away tells you we are in for something different. The manga created by Hatokonro consists of the main guy living at an apartment when suddenly the floor above him collapses and the girl living on the floor above him falls into his room. This results in them meeting and the story begins. Staff wise it seems like a lot of it is new. The director has only had some minor work before and the voice actors seem to have done some hentai before in the past and nothing else.

It also seems like they are going back to only having one cast for these shows which is how it should had always been since it felt like a waste of money having two different ones. In case you didn’t know starting with omiai and continuing on after they had two sets of voice actors one for the r18 version and one for the standard. They are now going back to how the shows before did it and just have one cast to do both versions which is the better option cost wise. The studio doing it is Ark which as far as I can tell has not done anything before. I can’t find any anime they have done and I don’t recall seeing them do any recent hentai either so it is possible they are brand new as well which would make sense considering most of the staff is new.

Who isn’t new though is the character designer for the anime which is Satoshi Urushihara. Almost everyone knows who he is because of his unique drawing style and having worked on various things from hentai manga to the hentai ova of Another Lady Innocent/Front Innocent(No second episode ever sadly) and even non porn stuff such as the Growlanser videogame series. So with all that said we have something very interesting coming this summer.






Here are the characters from the main site. The girls having their breast sizes listed isn’t something you see in the josei shows we have had previously. Just more evidence of this easily being something to surpass them. I used Bing to try and auto translate the descriptions which seemed to work well enough for everyone but the main guy.


Sosuke Aikawa the main character.


Yuki Shimizu. Based on the description seems to be his landlord.


Sunao Unyu. The girl that lives above the main character and falls through the floor starting the story. Also seems to be trying to become an actress. (Had to highlight a line otherwise it blended in too much and was unreadable because bing translates oddly)


Yuzuko Hanazono. The childhood friend it looks like. Also sounds like she might have ran away from home to try and find the main guy.


Anime Visual by Satoshi Urushihara


And just to give you an idea of what we are going to get here are some pages from the manga. Unlike the previous r18 shows we have multiple girls here and they all get service making this show already better than all the others.



Also another really interesting thing is that this series actually has VR porn made for it that is available on the same website the r18 version of the anime airs. You can see a pv of it by clicking here on the site where the other “episodes” of it can also be bought. You can click and hold the mouse to look around while watching it as well to replicated having a headset. It seems to follow the story of the manga as well. The main character or you in this case are jerking off when the girl upstairs falls through the ceiling and lands on your dick and things go from there.

The fact that they have something like this already for the series just gives all the more hype for what this show is going to be. We really do finally have an r18 anime aimed at a male audience after having gone 5 seasons of ones for women.



The show starts on July 1st on Tokyo MX at midnight but the complete version which is the r18 version we would care about is at 1 am that same night on the ComicFesta website. It’s amazing that something like this comes out just as I had started to lose hope of it ever happening. The previous r18 shows have been getting boring and too much alike that I had lost all interest in them hence why I said in my 25sai post that would be last one I cover for the time being. Then out of nowhere we get an announcement that rejuvenates these shows by finally giving one with a male audience in mind. Better yet since this is for men instead of women that also probably means less rape unlike what we got in the others. Can’t really judge the animation till we see it for real but based on the pv it also looks like this has much better art than those others did as well.

What is even more important is that since this is being called an ecchi comedy that might mean this is the direction they could be starting to go in. Now that the door has been open with this title it at least leaves open the possibility of us starting to see other borderline h ecchi manga get adaptions using the r18 format that otherwise never would had gotten adapted without the freedom r18 ratings grant. Sure we still have the downside of them only being shorts but I guess everything has to start somewhere.

Hopefully these are popular enough that they start increasing their length. Doesn’t have to be full length right away but going to a 10 minute format and then maybe 15 minute format eventually after that would be fine. Let’s hope this isn’t just a one time thing and they really are going to start giving us male oriented manga r18 adaptions from now on or at least for as many times as they gave us josei ones. We could be entering a very fun era now if r18 male ecchi titles start popping up with adaptions. Even more so if this does well and other companies start to pick up on it and do the same thing as well.

Won’t happen since the manga is old but I would had loved to see My Balls get an r18 adaption since the short format actually could had worked with that. But sadly that is never going to happen. Shishunki na Adam would be a good modern manga to get one but the short format wouldn’t work for that and plus the manga recently ended so no luck there. Regardless there are plenty of options out there and the emergence of these r18 anime have given us some very interesting times.