Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 TV Fanservice Review Episode 19 & 20

Teamwork is required for the next Shokugeki!! (^_^)

Episode 19:

After most of the rebels were eliminated, Erina was worried for Megumi and Takumi knowing they’re facing Kobayashi Rindou.

The two of them managed to survive as Rindou allowed them to pass by just tasting their dishes.

After that, they’ve decided that only way to overturn the expulsion is by challenging the Elite 10  in a shokugeki and win their seats. However, they have nothing to wager to convince Azami on the challenge.


Just then, Joichiro and Seazaemon arrives and propose a team Shokugeki called Regiment de Cuisine. Joichiro offers to join Central and close down Yukihira diner is his team loses, in which Azami agrees.

After that, Joichiro, Dojima and Senzaemon proceeds to train Yukihira and his friends so that they’re ready for the elite 10 shokugeki.

The training starts with a 3 vs 3 match with Team Joichiro and Team Dojima competing against each other. They were tasked to prepare a Hachis Parmentier within 3o minutes with an additional rule that they’re not allowed to speak to one another.

Episode 20:

Meanwhile, the other elite 10 members all agree on the team shokugeki as they can get rid of all the rebels for once.

Yukihira and his friends quickly catch on what Joichiro and Dojima intend to do with their dishes and both teams manage to complete their own unique take on hachis parmentier.

Both teams are asked to taste each other’s dishes to decide who is the winner.

It turns out to be a draw with both teams insisting that the other team is the winner. Senzaemon points out that the training is successful  in fostering teamwork among them and convinced Erina to leave her comfort zone and improvise in the kitchen.

That’s it for the reviews. Thanks for reading everyone !! Be sure to watch the next episode of Shokigeki no Soma to know the lastest happening. (^_-)/ Till then, stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v