Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 9:

Let’s have a look at what Yoshiko will do during the cultural festival !! ~(^^)

Cultural festival events is something to enjoy (^^)/

Meanwhile, someone is confessing to the the boob president only to be rejected by her.

So, Yoshiko tries to cheer that dejected person by convincing the boob president to let him fondle her boobs. XD

Before he could even touch it, Akutsu appeared. The boob president suddenly changes her mind. XD

Later on, Yoshiko and her friends went out to celebrate for the success of their cultural event!! However, Akutsu didn’t get along with some of the girls there. Sayaka breaks down and cry as she’s in a difficult position between them.

Yoshiko added salt to her wound by saying her boobs is flatter than board !! XD Having flat chest is sure pitiful for a girl. Hey author!! why didn’t you draw Sayaka’s boobs bigger?? There’s insufficient amount of boobservice here!!

Sorry for the insufficient amount of fanservice here (T^T), but it’s too soon for Aho Girl reviews to end. Thanks for reading everyone !! Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review !! (^^)v