Aki Sora fanservice compilation

Despite being just 3 OVAs long, the compilation finished at just under 20 minutes in length, almost all of it nude and most of it sex.

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DDL [1080p]:  part 1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2



Production Company:  Hoods Entertainment (!)

Vintage:  December 2009, July, November 2010


Notable Seiyuu:


None.  Aki Sora has a hentai voice acting crew.


By mistake, I included this project as a throw in with Yosuga no Sora, thinking the two were related in some way.  They aren’t, but since it won the vote, I felt obligated to do the extra video.  Boy, I’m so glad I did.  Best mistake I’ve ever made.

This video ended up being the most pleasant surprise I’ve ever had from a project.  Not only did it last longer than I would have guessed, but the scenes were sexier than I remembered, and benefited more from an edit than I thought they would.  Though just under 20 minutes, it feels like it takes an eternity to watch it because it is so jam packed with eroticism.  Once the action gets started, there’s no lulls or boring stretches in this one.

Though it was only an OVA, they included a very impressive ED which I enhanced further by adding in official artwork during it’s less enticing moments.

Aki Sora looks gorgeous especially when compared to hentai art standards.  If Hoods Entertainment rings a bell, it’s because they are the same company that animated Seikon no Qwaser, Manyuu Hikenchou and Mysterious Girlfriend X.  In fact, they basically got their start as a production head when making Aki Sora back in 2009.  All that goodness we’ve enjoyed from Qwaser and Hikenchou, it’s all thanks in small part to the success of Aki Sora.

By my definition, this isn’t hentai, or at least not “true” hentai.  Plenty of anime portray sex; it’s the depiction of genitals that- in my opinion- truly separates mature material from outright hentai.  And Aki Sora doesn’t go there, in fact it’s really no different at all from Yosuga no Sora, which aired on television.

Of course, it’s really hard to watch Aki Sora and not dub it porn.  It’s clearly a form of pornography.  But so are countless specials from mainstream ecchi animes like Kanokon and Ladies versus Butlers.  Even a Sears catalog can be spank material, hell, it often was before the dawn of the internet.  Anyway, knowing where to draw the line and apply the correct labels can be tricky these days.