Girls Bravo fanservice compilation

What we think of as modern day ecchi basically began with Ikkitousen and Girls Bravo back in 2004.  There had been ecchi series before then, but not quite like this.


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DDL:  part1, part2



Production Company:  AIC Spirits

Vintage:  Summer 2004, Winter 2005


Notable Seiyuu:


Ayako Kawasumi as Miharu


Ayako Kawasumi is also well known for her roles as:


Mamiko Noto as Yukinari


Mamiko Noto is also well known for her roles as:


Chiwa Saito as Kirie


Chiwa Saito is also well known for her roles as:



The video quality of the source material isn’t the best, but I think it still made for a pretty good video under the circumstances.  It totalled over 33 minutes of material from a series that’s almost 10 years old.  Not bad.