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Just an average day in Akihabara.


Since the anime starts next month and even though the anime will be its own original story instead of an adaption I figured doing a compilation of the previous game’s manga seems fitting. Based on the the PS3/Vita/PS4/PC game the manga was published in Web Comic Gamma in 2014 and drawn by Rei Kusakabe. The manga adaption for the most part follows the storyline of the game mainly focusing on using the Shizuku route though there are a few changes here and there such as some events happening in a different order as well as some other minor changes on how things play out sometimes. Overall though anyone that played the game would be able to identify the scenes in the manga with the same scenes from the game.

Another difference that probably stands out and you notice right away if you played the game is Shizuku’s chest. In the game she is pretty much flat but here its like they made her much larger for some reason. Also the main character in the manga has a name as opposed to the game in which he literally has no name. In the manga he is named Kasugano Yuki but in the game his default name is Nanashi which means Nameless/Noname. It kind of ruins the joke by giving him a name since Nanashi is the name users go by on 2ch/2chan (like how users are referred to as Anonymous on 4chan) and since the series is supposed to be a parody of otaku culture his default name was probably on purpose and part of the joke.

In case you have not played the game and thus wouldn’t know what the story for the manga is and why people get stripped here it is. The main character sees an offer for a job that offers to pay in rare items such as figures and other goods and decides to take it. At some point after the job interview he is knocked out only to awaken and be told he has underwent a change that has turned him into a synthister and that he must follow the orders given to him. Synthisters being people that are much stronger than normal humans but with a weakness to the light and the ability to steal life energy from others and are essentialy like vampires.

The main character is saved by the main girl Shizuku whom has been hunting down the synthisters. After escaping she saves him from fully becoming a synthister by having him drink her blood which turns him into her familar. By doing this it prevents him from losing his mind and turning violent like the other synthisters and also giving him an increase in strength though he still has the weakness to sunlight. The main problem occurring in the game and manga is that people are disappearing because they are being turned into synthisters and these synthisters are going around Akihabara draining others of their energy.

In short the otaku that apply for the job are turned into synthisters and told that if they collect life energy from people in the city and bring it back they will be rewarded with the rare goods they were promised. The main villain is then using this energy brought back for reasons I won’t go into in order to avoid spoilers for those that may not have played the game yet but these reasons lead to not only having to save Akihabara from the synthisters but also the world as a result. So the main character, Shizuku, and his friends then begin to hunt down the synthisters and those responsible for creating them in order to save Akihabara and in direct result also the world.

The striping is because of the synthister’s weakness to sunlight so in order for them to walk around in daylight they need to be protected from the sunlight using clothes. Stripping them of their clothing and exposing them to sunlight causes them to burn up and vanish though they don’t actually die from it. So in other words the main characters have to save the world by stripping the clothes off of their enemies. Though the story does have some seriousness to it the story is not meant to be taken as super serious but more of a comedy with some serious moments I guess you could say. The main appeal is the real life Akihabara being the setting and the many anime and gaming references throughout it(such as the popular magical girl anime in the series that everyone watches being the girls from Kodomo no Jikan as magical girls). Hopefully the anime retains this kind of humor when it starts next month.

A note about the pages in this. You will probably notice that there are a number of pages that don’t have fanservice in them and yet are included anyway. There is a reason for that and its because of how the pages were published. The manga was published free online and like many online readers two pages are displayed at once. Normally I would have just cut the other page out however there are a number of pages that require both pages to get the full image. So in order to remain consistent and not have alternating dual and single pages constantly I decided to keep both pages instead of separating them even if there is no fanservice on one of the attached pages (the only time there are single pages is when it was only a single page with no other page attached). Some of the fanservice is subtle such as hard to spot panty shots or cleavage but generally if you see some pages with no fanservice in them its probably because it was attached to another page and I didn’t want to remove it for consistency reasons. I wonder how many people are annoyed at this long description (or can even see this sentence in the first place) though people probably know by now I write too much.

Akiba’s Trip 2: 2 Volumes (Complete)


Volume 1


Volume 2


Time for some extra stuff as well.

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur Collaboration cards

If you have played the game then you know that in between loading screens there are advertisements for real places in Akihabara and other series. Unlike other games where something like this would annoy people it is instead done to add charm to the game and give it more life especially for those that don’t live in Japan and would be happy to see this stuff. The game is filled with ads and PVs for real life places and games and it actually makes the game better as a result since most of the stuff advertised are things that those playing a game like this have interest in or in some cases have already played (I liked seeing the OP for Conception 2 playing on tv screens in the game).

Anyway if you paid attention to these ads then you probably saw this one at some point during the loading screens. This is an ad for the game Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur which is a free to play mobile card game that Square Enix released. Like many of these free to play phone card games there are sometimes limited time events that usually last only a week or so and sometimes these event contain crossovers. These crossover events in games like this usually give you a chance to earn cards based on characters from whatever is being crossed over. In short crossover cards are generally very limited and rare since they can only be gotten for a very short time before they are gone for good. Since Million Arthur was advertised in Akiba’s Trip 2 they also advertised Akiba’s Trip 2 in Million Arthur by doing a crossover event in which you could earn cards with the characters on them.

The artwork on these cards consist of the artwork that was used on various Akiba’s Trip 2 merchandise such as dakimakuras and retail bonuses for buying the game. There are also cards that show the stripped character portraits (not the CG but the actual character art pose that appears when they talk) of the characters from the game which are only used briefly in the actual real game (such as when you fight Shizuku, Shion, or Touko when training or the other times you have to fight a main character). These cards all had 4 different variations each but the differences are just different stats for the cards and a different background image. So to avoid redundancy I only posted 1 version of each of the cards that had fanservice since the other 3 would be the exact same thing but with a different background and numbers.



Official two sided dakimakuras of the characters were released to promote the game which I included pics of here. Also those who bought the game from certain retails also got different bonus artwork (the manga also had some bonuses for buying it as well). I included sample images of them as well as a pic of the real non sample version if I could find it. Mind you most of the artwork used here was also used on the cards so if you wanted good quality pics of that particular art the card pics are your best bet. There was also a drama cd released as well which came with a booklet but the only notable artwork from it is the pic of Touko in the bath which I included (the rip of the book is just camera pics rather than a real scan unfortunately)


In Game Strip CG

Just for the sake of it here are the strip CG that appear on screen whenever you have to fight one of the main characters for various reasons and beat them.



So this should give an idea on what to possibly expect in terms of fanservice from the anime when it starts soon. The chances of the anime giving any actual nudity is probably low but if it is anything like the game, manga, and its various official artwork then it should at least provide some decent fanservice of the non nude variety (yeah I know some would say it can’t be decent if its non nude but I couldn’t think of another positive way of phrasing it). Who knows maybe the anime will be surprising and give nudity but its probably best just to use what we have here as an idea on the type of stuff to expect.


And with that I leave this.


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I wish the Shizuku route wasn’t the canon route. Rin was the best girl. Plus if you got Rin then you would also probably get Shizuku as an extra bonus as Rin would probably be fine with a threesome if it meant she got to be with Shizuku.