Flip Flappers Fanservice Review Episodes 12&13

All good things must come to an end…

Sadly, this will be the last airing post for Flip Flappers. It has been a blast and half covering Flip Flappers these pass 13 weeks. Each episode had my attention from start to finish. Whether it be action packed, beautiful art, love tension, or even the bliss fun of Pure Illusion, I was enchanted by it all. If you have yet to give Flip Flappers a chance I truly urge you to do so. You’re missing out on something great here. Not going speak much about the end here in-case anyone has yet to see it but, do know we are given a positive ending. Enjoy this last bit of Flip Flappers for now!


Episode 12:



Episode 13:

The true declaration of love begins…
















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Final Notes: The story of Flip Flapper of more than likely over for the time being. If there’s more in the future that would be awesome but, what was done was more than enough. Expect blu-ray posts of Flip Flappers in the future for sure. I look forward to covering episode 3 yet again. I’ve watched that episode no less than 10 times at this point. In-fact each episode got at least 2 full viewings from me. Alas, this is the end of Flip Flappers for now.

Flip Flapping!