Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 12

Feast your eyes on this match of epic proportions between scantily-clad babes!

And we’re back to the finale of this season of Keijo! Will it be East that takes home the prize, or will West come out on top? Find out in this review!

Lol, this iconic scene. Image result for impossibru

 God, that titfuck looks comfortable painful.
 Closer! Closer!! Closer!!! Image result for wiping a knob gif
 Ah, the very substance that I run on.

Image result for gintama super saiyan gifThe gif I’d originally planned to use (I decided not to use it for obvious reasons).
 XD, those lips  Friggin derp face… I couldn’t resist  including this.  Look at that, we got a fucking nipple. Congrats, everyone! Looks like Wiz was right!
 Yay, the MC won after some bullshit power-up. Totally wasn’t expecting that. Look familiar?  This. This really bothered me. The animators screwed up here. You can notice how her swimsuit magically fixed itself. I’m not bullshitting you, you can watch the episode yourself and check.

Even yuri fans must have liked this a little, despite how short it was.  Well, well, well, what do we have here. More characters with abnormal hair colors.  And an Ojou-sama. Fancy.

*** Luigi here; Credit to SonanGremory for the stitches like always, and credit to this image for literally making me rage at a fuck mothering animation studio. Bravo Xebec.

Everyone drop the top on your mother fucking ride, and pour one out for this show. ***


Yep, this show decided to troll the very people that sought nudity out of an ecchi show like this. With the end card, of all things.

And that concludes Keijo!!!!!!!! Casting aside the false enthusiasm used to make this review, I can now summarize and review this show (for those of you that aren’t interested, the review ends here).

Was Keijo this?


Was Keijo this?

Related imageRelated image


Was Keijo this?

Image result for inazuma eleven gif

Er, kinda, yeah.

Keijo was anything but an ecchi show, deciding to make itself a hybrid action/sport-ecchi show, yet failing to successfully combine them, and in the process making itself into a comedy. However, the over-exaggerated moves, the lack of proper ecchi, and the generic story were somehow able to keep me entertained as I watched it, which is saying a lot from someone that’s experiencing burnout from anime and manga alike. I rate this show as decent. If I were to rate it as a fanservice show, though? Complete f*cking garbage. It never managed to give me a boner, and any instance in which I said it did was a falsification. But hey, that’s just my rating. I’m sure other people were able to get off loads to this show (which, if they did, is somehow beyond me).

I’m ending on a short note, since there’s not much else to say for this show. Hope everyone enjoys the Winter Season of anime. I’ll try to, though it all depends on the effort put forth by anime studios.

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