Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 12:

GAME OVER?? It is still not the end of it!! XD

Hello everyone, let’s continue to see how can the park survive when the end is coming soon. XD With 252 visitors needed before the 3 hours deadline, every cast in the park are doing whatever they could to get them coming. The plan actually worked out well, but it was not expected that there will be so many of ticket no showers.

Even Seiya was thinking hard on who can he call to come to the park. He ends up calling for his school friends, Tsuchida Kanae and her friends to come.

After the soccer match, all the cast are gathered at the front gate, waiting for the people they called. All the cast have their own interesting ways to ask visitors to come. XD Especially for Tiramie, the some women came to beat him up because he told their husband that they are cheating outside. XD Even their husband came to beat him up too…

On the other hand, a lot of people showed up for the Elementario fairies too. Everyone was shocked that Slyph was able attract so people too as she was popular in the Internet for her dance moves.

And with a few seconds left before the deadline, they couldn’t think of anybody else to visit the park as there still still short of 3 visitors. In the nick of time, the 3 naughty kids passed by and saw Isuzu and they all rush and charge in to catch her. XD Hence, fulfilling the required visitors to save the park!! (^_^)

Everyone was over the moon when the park reached 500,000 visitors!! It was really an impossible feat from the begining but they eventually save the park and all their hard work was not in vain!! YEAH!! (^_^)/ Everyone celebrated the success of saving the park. Seiya then gave a speech and thanked everyone for helping to save the park, even though it’s difficult for him to admit it. XD

After giving his speech, he spotted the guy from Amagi Development and went up to confront him. He compliments Seiya for the feat but mocks him that the issues with princess Latifah’s condition is still yet to be solved. He revealed that he was the wizard that gave her the curse before fleeing from Isuzu and Moffle. What follows up is some emotional scence where Seiya, Isuzu and Moffle bid farewell to princess Latifah before she forgets everything about them in 30 minutes before midnight.

It was soon discovered that the amount of Animus gathered in recent weeks is strong enough to break free from the curse and everyone is happy about it. (^^)

Seiya then bid farewell to the people of the park and also Isuzu. As he returns home, his aunt remarks how happy he was while working at the park. Thus the next day, Seiya returns to the park and reassumes his role as the manager of Amagi Brilliant Park stating that there is still much to be done!! (^^)/

In the end, all well ends well. After the morning assembly is over it’s a new beginning at Amagi Brilliant Park!! (^^)v

Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0) 

Opening/ Ending: 10 LOOK AT THE SKY ITS MAGIC HOUR!!! The opening theme of Amagi Brilliant Park did a very good job in bringing up the mood to watch this anime!! The song was very catchy and it fits very well with the anime. The ending theme Elementario de Aimashou!! consisting of the 4 Elementario faeries singing along did a very splendid job too!! (^_^)

Character Development: 10¬†Initially, I wasn’t impressed with the setting up of the story with a girl using a gun to ask for a date, a princess from a magical realm and a high school student becoming a manager as I don’t see how all these comes together. XD However, the story really progress with really good character development along the way. Initially, the story showed us an amusement park in a very bad condition where attracting 500k visitors is never going to happen and time is running out to save this park too. XD However, we saw Seiya the new manager making progress episode by episode together with all the cast in the park such as solving the financial problem, recruiting new workers and upgrading new facilities to achieve their goal. Along the way, it also fun to see how the characters develop such as the proud and narcissist male mc who didn’t like the park at first to give his very best to save the park, the female mc Isuzu who always shoots first and ask questions later but is very good in handling emergency situations, the park mascot who didn’t trust humans but worked well together with them in the end and also the Elementario fairies who doesn’t synchronize with each other to work as a team, using their respective skills to pull through where an individual member is weak.

Drama: 10 This anime really had a very good mix of comedy and drama of the hardship they faced to grow as a character. Each of the characters in this anime has their very own funny moments. Even when they are trying hard to save their homes, they still have their source of humor. For instance, during the moments where their future is really at a stake, they are still capable of delivering something funny and made me laugh. XD

Illustrations: 10 The illustrations for this anime was PERFECT!! All the graphics seen was colorful and very detailed. They even put in a lot of work in the water shown in the anime. All the characters are very well design and even their facial expression is very detailed too. Aside from that, the illustrations part for the fanservice also looks very appealing . (^_^)

Fanservice: 8 The fanservice in overall is pretty consistent with the help of very good illustrations that makes them look appealing. However, their fanservice could have been better with more plot that give us boobs, gainaxing and panty shots. XD

Average: 9.4 Despite not getting a perfect 10 from me, I really applause this anime!! It was a great work from KyoAni. I really enjoyed this anime with an almost perfect blend of everything inside. I highly recommend everyone to watch this anime as I believe you guys would like it too. In addition, I hope the producers can consider making a second season of Amagi Brilliant Park as I will certainly be watching it and curious to know how Seiya and Isuzu progress!!

Thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you guys will enjoy the anime and the review too. Stay tuned for the very last episode of Amagi Brilliant Park fanservice review up next!! (^^)v