Queen’s Blade: Rurou no Senshi Cosplay Compilation

Cosplay Compilation from one of the most classical anime of all time!! (^_^) 

Hello everyone !! It’s been awhile since the last cosplay compilation post. Hope you guys enjoy seeing some of your favorite characters in cosplay here. This time, we have another cosplay compilation from one of the most classical anime of all time- QUEEN’S BLADE!!!  Speaking of this anime, this anime is brilliant not just in fanservice but also their fascinating story with a lot of interesting character!!

First of all, we have……

Leina Vance

Elina Vance 

Claudette Vance




Tomoe and Shizuka




Melpha vs Sigui (from Rebellion)




Luna (from Rebellion)

And lastly, we have…..

Captain Liliana (from Rebellion)

That is all for this post with the theme of Queen’s Blade. (^_^)v We hope that your are enjoying their cosplay and hopefully there will be more to come. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the producers for making such a brilliant and exciting anime and the all “nostalgic” experience it has given. XD Thanks to all the cosplayers for all their efforts and dedication of cosplaying our favorite characters in this anime.  Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone, we hope you’re looking forward for more cosplay compilation post too!!