Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 13 & 14 (FINAL):

It’s a new story at Amagi Brilliant Park!! (^^)/

Episode 13:

Welcome back everyone!! It’s a new story at Amagi Brilliant Park with Seiya staying on as the park manager!! (^^)/ In this episode, Tricen was tasked to make a promotional video and he asked suggestion from all the staff. The results works exceptionally well!! XD

Episode 14: 

I bet you guys will be missing Isuzu soon!! She plays a big part in this episode dressing in different costumes and once again, let’s all enjoy her bath scene!! (^_^)

Actually, this episode is about Seiya’s birthday and Isuzu is planning to give him a present. However, a series of events unfold and all of them got busy with it. XD

It appears that Muse didn’t sleep well and injured her neck. Seiya suggest that a swap in position might solve the problem. In the meanwhile, Moffle brought the 3 new recruits to a kindergarten visit. They met their opponents there and how is this a suitable activity in a kindergarten? XD

Well, they eventually won the wrestling match by luck!! On the other hand, Isuzu, Muse and Latifah all struggle and falling behind when they were put into different task. XD

Seiya was pretty busy too that he ends up working in a toilet to avoid people. XD After working hours, Isuzu, Muse and princess Latifah gather at the dressing room. Although they were tired of the whole day, the were happy that they are able to be back into their regular positions and it was an interesting experience. (^_^)

In the end, Seiya had his surprise birthday party and Isuzu managed to give Seiya his birthday present that she was planning long ago. However, the present was already being swap by the kindergarten kids and it was not filled with insect shells instead. XD Man, how mean was that. I hope the school  don’t end up educating them to become jerks in future.  😈 XD

And that was all of it, too bad that I still don’t get enough of it. (T^T) KyoAni are truly experts when it comes to making great anime visuals and stunning artwork!! The bath scene was so detailed that it was still lingering in my mind. XD Hope you guys had a great time here and thanks for reading everyone!! See you guys again!! (^^)v