Girls Bravo Episode 9 DVD Fanservice Review

Bravo at the Great Magic War! Which is more like a one sided victory. . .

So, if you thought about Risa Fukuyama when you read the word, “Magic”, then you were right. Our episodes shower scene starts with her!

Well after a squabble with Tomoka, tomoka proves she can use magic, so she cast’s a spell on Ebi! (you know that little mascot looking thing) Well it turned into a cute little girl.

Risa takes the new Ebi from Tomoka and the group. This episode veers off the path of an episode about Tomoka, but gives us a little backstory about Risa’s childhood. Long story short, she had a little pink doll that she gave life to. The doll ran out of magic power, and Risa couldn’t re-bring life back to that doll, leaving Risa alone with no friends. Currently Risa has to keep Fukuyama away from new Ebi.

Tomoka summons three monsters in order to retrieve new Ebi from Risa. As intimidating as they may be, they don’t really stand a chance.

Tomoka once again gives life to Risa’s doll, which is kind of a touching scene given Tomoka’s personality. Its a nice little touching moment to end the episode.

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