Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 2:

Is it really daijoubu for a high school student to become a manager?! XD

After Seiya realized he has the power to read minds, Isuzu takes him to the park again to meet some people from the Amagi Development.

The people from Amagi Development mentioned that they will be taking over the park once the time expires as they were unable to reach 500,000 visitors. One of them actually recognized Seiya and tells him not to be close with losers in the park as he will become one too if he does.

Seiya initially refused to help the park. In an assembly, everyone was saddened when Princess Latifah announced that the park will be closed in 3 months time.

Suddenly, Seiya appears and announces that he will be saving the park.

Later when he was alone with Isuzu and Latifah, he says that he claimed it like that to raise everyone’s spirit and he’s not really confident about succeeding it. However, Latifah expressed having complete faith in him. (^_^)

Thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you guys stay tuned for the following review and see how the story progress!! (^^)v