Bouryoku Tantei manga fanservice compilation

Fanservice and frights fit like food and films.

Note: No glasses were removed from any of the girls in the making of this manga.

Apologies for the crappy hook. I was out of ideas, and didn’t want to write an entirely uncreative hook.

Following up on my manga comp from last year (Kyuusen no Shima), I managed to actually post this one on Halloween. The last one was intended for Halloween, but as that day had already been claimed, the best I could do was post it a few days afterwards. At least this marks my first holiday post. Don’t think I’ll be making this a thing, as I’m not normally one for posting at specific intervals. Enough with my rambling; now comes the summary and further explanation for this manga’s author.

The story for Boryoku Tantei revolves around a violent detective high-schooler, who solves crime with his teacher. He makes up the brawn of the team, and his teacher the brains. It’s basically a shounen story, even though the art makes you think it’d have a seinen tag instead. Though I assure you the MC (most likely) didn’t actually kill anyone, despite how bloody or violent his fights may appear at times. The service in the series is rather minimal (save for vol. 3), only showing up in one or two chapters, and otherwise being too subtle to actually merit being compiled in this manga comp. The villains sport ridiculous outfits, which I felt was fitting for Halloween, along with the ghost girl, and the horror-esque Kyuusen no Shima segment. Gotta love me some shrine maiden girls. Ghost girls was cute, but only really got one chapter sadly.

Bouryoku Tantei was Higashida Yuusuke’s next (and currently only) manga after Kyuusen no Shima. It was published by good!Afternoon from June 2014 to December 2015. Three volumes were released for the series. It’s technically a sequel to Kyuusen no Shima, though it doesn’t center the story around that, instead making itself known as a sequel through a set of chapters that place the MC and some other characters in the world of Kyuusen no Shima. It becomes apparent that both manga actually had a connection to each other when, at the end of these set of chapters, the MC supposedly wakes up along with the other characters out of a dream (they fell unconscious before arriving at the setting of Kyuusen no Shima, making it seem like the entire crossover chapters were all a dream at first when they wake up at the end), and finds a piece of wood that’s part of the antagonist’s helmet. Aside from that, however, the series is its own story entirely.

Interestingly, the author actually goes by a similar moniker (Minamida Usuke) when writing hentai. And to add to that, one of his hentai works shares some parallels to Kyuusen no Shima. I won’t go into detail to spare you even more tedious reading, so you can check out the link attached to his name. The site it links to is known for having ads, though, so I’d advice having some antivirus or adblocker set up beforehand. I’d like to thank Mzta for providing me with this information. You have no idea how giddy I was when I found out that this artist actually did hentai. And one that shares some similarities to Kyuusen no Shima, at that. Granted, the milf in the hentai wasn’t as attractive as the milfs in Kyuusen no Shima (her crooked nose gave her the “evil godmother” look, which I found too silly, making it harder to get off), but it was still worth a read, personally speaking. Seriously dude, thanks.

Please do support this author’s works if they ever become translated (fat chance that’ll happen, though). I don’t normally say this, but I grew to like this mangaka’s art, and would have loved to see him make some more manga.

Note: The pages in the galleries below are in JPG format, while the manga zip on the bottom of the article contains the images in PNG format.

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3

Of course, the majority of this manga’s service came from the set of chapters that took place in Kyuusen no Shima’s setting, as this series focused more on being a detective brain-and-brawn shounen series. Yet in spite of this, the service certainly wasn’t half-assed in volume 3, which I found to be both relieving and exhilarating, as I was growing to like the artist’s style in drawing characters as I’d read through Kyuusen no Shima awhile back, and was worried the service would be far more toned-down due to the sort of series this was. Hell, I was glad enough just to see the nipples. Good thing this manga broke through the roof of my expectations with the scenes with the milf shrine maiden (would have loved to see the glasses milf from Yuuma’s bull-head harem as well, but since my favorite milf in the series actually got some pretty spectacular service, I was plenty fine with the milf shrine maiden getting some service, especially towards the end of that segment).

As for the author’s art style, his way of drawing the female character’s curves in such a way that they managed to appear sexy in even some of the more mundane situations was something I was glad to see remain in his art style.  I do like his detail to human expressions, as it certainly gave the characters a speck of humanistic depth. This in part helps the series maintain its serious tone for me in spite of the nonsensical plot. Not to mention that the art style really gives the female characters an allure through the art style’s ability to capture the characters in a realistic manner, which makes the body itself feel tangible, with the body being given a sense of actual mass via the curvature of the human body (e.g. the breasts actually being drawn to with a more realistic droop, the ass carrying a supple amount of fat to give it an appealing, yet not too exaggerated degree of plumpness, etc.).

Unexpectedly, the protagonist from Kyuusen no Shima finally claimed his harem. Just wish we’d actually gotten to see him engage in some more forms of intimacy with his harem (especially the sisters; they deserved it after going bare a good amount of times in Kyuusen no Shima, which makes me a bit sad that they weren’t given much service in volume 3, though I was plenty happy with the bespectacled mother, and especially the shrine maiden milf, but I think I’m overusing the latter’s example at this point.) The yandere sister was still alive, but (unsurprisingly) behind bars, which lets us know what exactly transpired past the conclusion of the Kyuusen no Shima. As an added bonus, the MC showed proficiency in combat, something that definitely shows another angle towards his development as a character, and more so as the owner of a harem, as well as the next head of his family.

If anyone’s curious about the actual MC of the manga (the detective guy), his story was fairly simple, and even when the series took itself seriously, at the end of the day, it was a simple good-guy-wins story, so there wasn’t much extra depth to it. As for his love interests/harem, the only one of note was a cheerful, pampered girl that has feelings for him (who is accompanied by two voluptuous bodyguards.) However, the MC didn’t really get into any intimate physical situations, although he did get a special “gift” from said prestigious girl (haha, who wouldn’t want a gift like that.) Regardless of all this, I personally enjoyed seeing each of the MC’s adventures throughout the series, especially with his teacher. As for the fanservice from the manga (excluding Kyuusen no Shima’s segment), it was rather sparse, but I did enjoy seeing the two bodyguards. I think I’ll finish this wall of text here, and leave with a final message:

Happy Halloween!

Download Volumes 1, 2 and 3

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