Kyuusen no Shima manga fanservice compilation

Good things come in pairs of two.

WARNING: This manga compilation contains images with gore and blood, so anyone with a weak stomach or an aversion to either is advised to not look at the images should they be unable to handle them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Credits to Rapeman Scans for the manga pages (he gave me the raws as well, but their quality was lower than the scanlated pages, so I decided to stick to the scanlated pages instead). If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing a manga comp of this series. Much appreciated, fampai!

Following the death of his other, the protagonist, Yuuma, is summoned by his grandmother to the Nuenaki family’s place of origin, Makishima Island. Once there, he meets up with a beloved relative from the branch family, Miharu, and recollects the memories of the past with her. Yuuma is then taken to Hiori and Shiori, twins that serve the current head of the Nuenaki family, Yuuma’s grandmother (I don’t remember her name, and it was barely mentioned in the series, if at all). She asks him to become the next head of the family, and he refuses. What unveils next is surely bizarre!

This series was drawn and authored in 2012 by Higashida Yuusuke, who’s only known to have worked on two series so far, with the other one being Bouryoku Tantei,which was released in 2014 by the same publisher as Kyuusen no Shima, good! Afternoon. I have no idea if the author has a pixiv page or any other form of social media in which he shares any of his drawings. I’d like to say he has experience under his belt judging from the detail his work has, but I don’t recognize his art style outside of the two series he’s done, so there’s not a lot for me to go on. Man, this guy is underrated!

This manga was a  fun read if you’re primarily just trying to get enough eye candy to satisfy yourself, though the constant gore and unsettling images in the manga may make it a bit of a turn-off if you’re not a fan of horror and fanservice mixed together. In that sense, this series may either be a trick or a treat for you. The story itself isn’t too well-developed, as it maintains most of its interesting plot points by leaving questions unanswered half of the time, and then answering them towards the climax or end of the series. Furthermore, the MC acts like a beta male most of the time, so that could be another turnoff (though he does grow a pair at times, and becomes less flustered than your typical beta male when exposed to nudity. The fanservice in this series places a focus on the thiccness by giving the females large busts and curvaceous asses. When it comes to nudity, though, it’s like the manga tries to censor the nudity as much as it can, while in some other chapters, it decides to bare it all. To add to this, the short duration of this series, with only 11 chapters (and a epilogue chapter at the end), makes me wish the series had gone on for longer, or given more fanservice scenes of characters I favored, such as the twins, or the miko mother. The omake chapters somewhat make up for this, but they don’t really provide us nudity. Beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Volume 1

Volume 2

An interesting point worth mentioning is that in the author’s separate series, the MC of Kyuusen no Shima makes a brief appearance, along with his female harem. An interesting point worth mentioning is that the MC’s hair color changed (which I’m assuming is caused by the family’s consumption of the God’s blood, as his grandmother was shown to have gray hair in a flashback, even though she looked to be a reasonably young age), and a scar is present in his neck, which may have been caused by his battle with Miharu (here’s the link for where I found the pages: Also (a bit off-topic), the fragment chapter at the end of the second volume that happens after the eleventh chapter, but before the omake, takes place 10 years in the future, which seems interesting in the regard that some of the island’s traditions are still kept in place, and that the inn owner still looks the same. If the raws of the manga were still available online, I’d be willing to look into this, or even see if the manga is worthy of having a manga comp made of it (it has ecchi listed as one of its genres). If anyone out there happens to have the raws on them and is willing to distribute them, please let me know. I like this mangaka’s art style, so I’m eager to look through his other work. I wonder if the MC ever had sex with any of the females in the island, like the miko milf, the twins, or the inn owner. They were hinted as having plans to mate with him to continue the lineage of his family in the manga. I’d pay top-dollar to see the doujinshi of the series by the mangaka to see something like that.

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