Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episode 7

The best way to fight someone on equal grounds when you’re at a disadvantage is to fight fire with fire.

WARNING: If your computer/device (or alternatively your internet connection) is unable to load articles with copious amounts of media or you suffer from an adverse reaction to either blood or manservice, then it may not be in your best interests to continue onwards. Can’t say I didn’t warn you!

In the previous episode of Machiavellianism, the MC and the blond loli looked around for the original file of the MC’s scandalous photo with Satori, in order to prove the MC’s innocence. However, in the midst of their search, they are ambushed by Satori’s henchmen, and are then encountered by Satori herself, who comes straight out of the bath, with sword  in hand, in all-nude (now if only this show was willing to show us a bit more nudity…).

The MC decides to engage Satori in battle, while Warabi, with the poison from the dart she was hit by beginning to take effect, (the blond loli) combats Satori’s henchmen. The MC struggles to fight against Satori, as her attacks prove to be unpredictable, due to her lack of properly showing her emotions through facial expressions or gestures. With nothing else to rely on, the MC goes for an  unexpected tactic: going all-nude as well. I’ll let the rest of the article speak for itself.

The service in this episode in pretty abundant, as we are given plenty of bare ass shots. Although the MC going nude may subtract from this a bit, thankfully it only happens at the end, so we can relish the fanservice in this article enough to not have it ruined prematurely. Honestly, it’s thanks to ScissorMeTimbers that I bothered picking this show up again, so if you want to thank anyone thank him. I was planning on waiting for a good amount of time to see if the BDs for the show would be released online before reviewing it again, as I found the quality of the webms that I was making to be a bit unsatisfactory at times, but Scissors convinced me to just work with what I had (and I have little hope of the series’ BDs being uploaded, as it’s been a good while since they came out, and the show didn’t strike me as popular enough for someone to go out of their way to upload its BDs). Enjoy!

Episode 7 (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 7 stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 7 WebMs:

Oh, my…

To cute…


I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the animation above and below. Guess they were looking to save their budget a bit? I have no idea. Still looks interesting to watch, though.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for. GLORIOUS MANSERVICE!

Even Satori can’t help but look at physique of this fine male specimen (aka our beloved MC). See, no one can resist his dong. Not only can it cause others to go unconscious, but it can distract even one of the more fearsome members of the Five Supreme Swords. It’s funny how low-key flustered Satori is.

Gee, that cloud of fog sure has perfect timing. I wonder if it remained in the BDs.

UPDATE (01/11/19): Album Link

The MC destroys the original file of the scandalous photo to demonstrate to Satori that he cares more about the fact that she made Rin cry with the scandalous photo than proving his innocence. This supposedly ruins his chances of proving his innocence (though trying to show a high school girl that you weren’t hard in a picture to prove your innocence wouldn’t exactly be easy to do in the first place, especially when one of them is androphobic), as the only people that could attest to the photo’s validity are Satori, her henchman, and the MC, though Rin and Mary are more likely to believe Satori or her henchman than the MC, as it’s better to hear the story from those involved before making a verdict (though in the case of Rin and May, their rash decision was influenced by their feeling of betrayal due to their love for the MC). This was definitely one of the better episodes in this series (and most likely the best) because of how much fanservice and bare ass shots were shown (though the lack of nipples may have aggravated some, but like I said, it’s better to wait for the BDs before making a judgement on this, though this show’s vibes give me a feeling that the BDs are unlikely to have nudity in them, though I’m more than welcome to be proven wrong). I’m enjoying this series so far. ‘Till next time!