Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 5



Sometimes getting sick is a good thing.


This time the r18 version has a minute and a half of extra content which occurs at the start. Also there are a few times in which censorship is used in the standard version as well.

The episode picks up from the previous as Kuga is about to have sex with her. In the standard version we get some censorship as followed by the censored warning screen right after. However if watching the r18 version we get the following scenes instead.

Kuga realizes that it wouldn’t be right to do it there since it would be her first time and he wants that to be special and in a more romantic place so instead of having sex he asks if they can do other things instead.

It is at this point the extra scenes end and both versions meet up. Though there is still some censorship in the standard version which I will show.

After finishing up in the classroom they each head home. Kuga gets home to see the place is empty as his mom is working and he thinks about how his life will be after him and Nano get married and she is there to welcome him. He also starts coughing showing signs of getting sick.

Nano gets a call from Souichirou telling her that Kuga won’t answer his phone and asks her to come with him to check up on him.

When they arrive they discover Kuga with a fever and sick. Nano realizes that he probably got sick because of how hard he was studying for the exams since he wasn’t getting any sleep and blames herself. Souichirou mentions how their mom whom Kuga lives with won’t be back till next week because of work and that he himself has work in another area tomorrow as well so there isn’t anyone to take care of him. Nano then volunteers to look after Kuga instead and Souichirou agrees.

Nano asks if it is lonely being by himself all the time. Kuga tells her that his mom is nice even if she is not around much and both his brother and dad call him all the time so he is fine. Plus as long as she is with him he doesn’t need to feel lonely. He then jokes and asks her to kiss him to make him better and she agrees to his surprise as he wasn’t being serious and doesn’t want her to get sick from him. But she tells him she doesn’t care and that she will be fine and kisses him anyway. Also this next scene is censored in the standard version for some reason because I guess kissing is considered too lewd.

Kuga asks if she has decided if she will marry him yet and though she still doesn’t have an answer she admits that she enjoys all the things they have done together so far.

Kuga asks her if they can do more but she says they can’t otherwise he won’t get better. So he asks if they can do more when he does get better since that will encourage him to heal faster. Nano is too embarrassed to answer and wishes him goodnight. In other words she wanted to say yes but couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Meanwhile Souichirou is in his car looking at an old picture of him and Nano as kids and the episode ends.


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This episode had the longest amount of extra time in the r18 version so far putting the runtime of the episode itself at a full 5 minutes. Even though sex didn’t occur like the end of the previous episode made it seem like it would we at least seem to be closer to it. I have no idea when it will finally happen but considering how far they have gotten so far and the fact that they both are willingly participating we can hope it will be soon rather than having to wait for the final episode. It has only been 5 episodes but omiai has easily surpassed both Souryo and Skirt in every way possible from the amount and length of service and even the story as we actually have characters acting far more loving towards each other compared to the previous two shows. Hopefully all of these things keep up as we go into the second half.

It’s Halloween so I should probably say something Halloween like here. So in that case Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead episode 2 was disappointing. Not only did they not include any of the reverse rape from the game but they missed a good opportunity for some original reverse rape as well. There was a megane zombie girl that was with the main evil girl and yet we didn’t get anything from her. I would have loved to see her strip down and then rape a male student but of course we don’t get that or hell give us any random npc zombie girls raping people. Why can’t japan make female rapist zombies as that would at least be original compared to generic overdone male ones.