Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 3:

1,001 customers is better than 1,000 customers. So, 1,001 fanservice is better than 1,000 fanservice too!! 

Let’s continue with the story for this interesting amusement park!! In this episode, Seiya the new manager announce that the park will be closed for a day for maintenance works. When Moffle is about to entertain the guest outside the park, he gets into trouble with an annoying customer. XD

Salama the fire fairy recorded the entire incident with her phone. Moffle eventually hits the annoying guest but was stopped by Seiya before things get way out of hand. Isuzu then shoots the trouble making guest and his family with her gun which results them in a memory loss.

Later, Isuzu said that she’s willing to do anything to attract more visitors even by taking off her shirt. Seiya took it seriously and films a promotional video with Isuzu, the Elementario fairies and princess Latifah wearing swimsuits!!

Ohh, their wings are detachable…XD

I would love to visit the park too with all these girls in swimsuits. XD So, which is the best girls in your opinion?

Moffle is very angry with it. He confronts the new manager as princess Latifah is very frail when she is outside the castle. Isuzu later explained that the princess is doing it on her own will.

However, the pv does not get many view as expected. So Seiya uploads another edited video of the fight recorded by Salama which was a hit on the Internet. The results gave an effective increase number of viewers to the promotional video uploaded beforehand. XD

Later on, Isuzu was drinking together with the mascots of the park. This is what they all get when they tried to tease Isuzu. XD

This is all we have here for the review of this episode. Hope you guys stay tuned with the following episode of the fanservice review too!! Thanks for reading everyone!! Here is some fan edit found on the the Internet!! Would like to take this opportunity to say nice work to them too. (^^)v