Senran Kagura Shinovi Master (TV) fanservice compilation Episodes 1-4

Even more than was expected, this series is making for strong compilation material.




This series has blown away expectations.  Not only is there more nudity than expected (by far), but there’s a kind of shamelessness to this season that goes beyond what Estival Versus showed.  Given the blueballs nature of the previous TV season (and games), this is all incredibly gratifying.  This show gives zero fucks about what anyone other than true ecchi fans care about.  I love it.

While the show could definitely learn to draw an ass better, especially after Yuuna-san put on a clinic in this regard, I give them some credit for at least trying.  The series also seems to have no problem with making lolicons happy, a rarity in today’s climate.

Hopefully they can find ways to keep up the nudity levels in later episodes when the low hanging fruit of an onsen episode or pool party aren’t as readily available.

So far I think this experiment has been completely wonderful, and I hope it is as successful as it deserves so that it might inspire other ecchi games to go the distance with their anime counterparts.