Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 4


Story time instead of lewd time.


After two straight episodes of nudity it seems the show is taking a break this week to focus more on setting the story up. As a result there is no nudity this week at all and the only service is mainly some clothing destruction at the start to reveal underwear and some school uniforms and exercising parts later on as well as the occasional panty shot. Though this episode didn’t have a lot of service there is something that is shown near the end that could be hinting at the potential for a bunch of different nudity later on assuming this isn’t meant to be just a cameo but foreshadowing.


We see the continuation of Kagura and Fubuki’s meeting with everyone doubting her offer of getting to fight the strongest youma if they win the competition. Kagura decides if she is telling the truth and she can command such a youma to make that offer then she must be strong herself so she transforms into her non loli form to fight Fubuki to test her. Before they can continue after destroying each other’s clothes, Senkou and Gekkou interrupt so they can leave with Fubuki. They then tell Kagura and the others if they want to know more they should enter before leaving.

After Homura was knocked out in her fight against Asuka the others found her and brought her back to patch her up. None of them know what happened only that it had to be another shinobi because of the type of injuries and someone strong at that to be able to do that much damage to Homura. As they are debating not entering the shinobi masters competition Homura wakes up and tells the others it was Asuka that did it.

While Yumi and the others are doing training to stay in shape, Yozakura notices in the school newsletter that Senkou and Gekkou are in a picture showing that they attend Gessen as well. As a result they decide they will head to the school to see if they can find them.

That night Yumi is thinking about all the training she did with her grandfather when younger. At the same time we see Fubuki thinking about the same thing looking at a picture of Yumi’s grandfather whom she trained with as well. In other words hope you like Yumi as it is being all the more clear she is meant to be the main character for the show over Asuka.

After arriving at the school the next day they realize that Yumi is too popular and they will draw too much attention to themselves making it harder to find Senkou and Gekkou. After getting away from the crowd they decide to put on disguises to wear while they search the school for them.

They search through the school with no luck finding them. Eventually they split up with Yumi and Yozakua going off together to look while the others decide to eat at the cafeteria instead. Meanwhile Asuka has returned to Hanzo and thinks about how she needs to save everyone and bring them back.

Eventually Yumi and Yozakura spot them and follow them to the roof. The others at the cafeteria meet some girls and eat with them and use this chance to ask about Gekkou and Senkou and discover they are well liked by everyone in the school. The girls tell them that if they are looking for them where they can find them at this time. On the roof Yumi and Yozakura ask why the two of them are so focused on getting them to enter the shinobi masters only for Gekkou and Senkou to start fighting both of them and as they start to lose the others to arrive to help. They decide not to continue fighting since if all of them did they would put the other students at risk. When Gekkou and Senkou hear this they tell Yumi how she has disgraced her grandfather’s teachings and that they plan on carrying them on since she is unable to before leaving.

Miyabi and the others are training for the competition with Rin overseeing their training. She then begins to worry about a possible connection between this tournament taking place at the same time all the other stronger jonin have been sent away on a secret mission to the kikai dome because of the recent things going on there which was alluded to in an earlier episode in a news broadcast. Eventually another arrow arrives telling everyone the date and place for the competition to begin. Meanwhile Asuka heads to the location of the competition on her own with the intention of saving everyone herself.

Everyone arrives at the location as Senkou and Gekkou tells everyone that the tournament is being streamed live on a special site for shinobis. At this point we see various other characters whom are all characters from New Wave the mobile card game watching which hopefully means they will eventually become characters in the show and not just this short cameo. After that Fubuki comes out and announces the start of the shinobi masters as Yumi realizes she has seen her from somewhere before as the episode ends.



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I mentioned this before but it was only a matter of time till we reached a point in which they would have to focus on the story heavily. Since this episode was mainly setting things up for the tournament to begin and thus wouldn’t have many chances for nudity it makes sense why this episode was empty but hopefully that means this will be the only one this happens to. During the Kagura/Fubuki fight they could had given nudity instead of just underwear but I guess they want to save that for an actual real fight and not have it used for the first time in the show here. The fight on the roof didn’t have any transformations but since we have already seen the two that would be involved that would had been pointless anyway. The fight was also too short I guess for them to include any clothing destruction.

Since the tournament has now started we can assume next week is the start of the battles so we should presumably not be in this same situation next week. I would hope we will be getting at the very least some more transformations from some of the other characters before their fights and obviously some clothing destruction to accompany the battles. So as long as the fights do actually start next week and they follow the same format we have seen before they should provide some nudity again.

Even though this episode was low on the service level the end did provide a very interesting possibility. I said this before but I wondered about the possibility of getting characters from New Wave showing up. Sure enough this episode provided cameos of them and even though they are just watching the tournament online we can hope something happens to rope them in at some point. This would actually help a huge amount at providing something new to look forward to. If they decide to add the New Wave characters into the plot at some point that will provide a large amount of new characters we get to see nude later on as well.

I kind of wonder if me not doing the conception post this week is why there was no service this week in senran. Conception is so terrible Senran is absolutely needed to heal the pain. I even say at the end of my Conception posts that at least we have Senran the next day to heal. However since I didn’t do Conception this week and will combine it with two episodes next week that meant healing was not needed and thus Senran had no nudity. Watch as next week ends up loaded it with it to make up for the pain of covering two conception episodes at once.