Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 2:

Now this is where the legend of Jeanne d’Arc begins!! (^_^)

Bonjour!! Hope you guys are having a great day today,welcome to another episode of fanservice review for this Jeanne d’Arc anime!! (^^)/ In this episode, the story continues with Montmorency travelling around France in search of a way to complete the ritual for him to become a Ulysses. His never ending journey leads him to a small village in Domremy where he meets Jeanne, a twelve-year old girl with a kind and pure heart.

From the opening, this shows really deliver us some “promising” characters. Hopefully they’ll be able to make a great impact in the quality and quantity of fanservice in this anime!! (^^)/ After bathing, Jeanne gives some offerings to the ruins praying for bigger breast and world peace together with her fairies friends. (Which is what we are praying for too. XD)

Unfortunately, her breast didn’t grow. XD Out of a sudden, Montmorency appeared and decided to use the ruins to complete the ritual.

However, the ritual did not went well as some accidents happened. Montmorency was lucky to stay alive.

In the meanwhile, the English army had conquered most of Northern France. As Lorraine is about to fall, Princess Charlotte sends the mercenary commander La Hire and her soldiers to protect the people in the village of Domremy.

Montmorency soon find himself drooling as the ritual from before had made his body capable of producing endless amount of elixir and hence, he wasn’t able to swallow the philosopher stone anymore. Unfortunately, the English army arrived sooner than expected and La Hire army was outnumbered to defeat them.

During the battle, Jeanne was fatally wounded after learning that all her friendly fairies was brutally killed by the English soldiers. In order to save her live, Montmorency performed a ritual by making her drink his “elixir” and inserting the half of the Philosopher Stone into her body. (Hmm, it’s seems really hurt during the first time. XD)

The ritual results in making Jeanne becoming a Ulysses and she gained superhuman abilities to defeat the English army all by herself. She nearly killed La Hire as she’s jealous of her breast size. Luckily she didn’t as it would be a waste of opportunity for fanservice. XD

Jeanne didn’t manage to kill La Hire as she can only become a Ulysses for no longer than 3 minutes. At this point, Jeanne can no longer remain in the village of Domremy and Jeanne chooses to depart together with Montmorency and La Hire.

While La Hire fears that Jeanne will be seen as a heretic and hunted down for acquisition, Montmorency believes that she’ll eventually become a saint who saves France from the English. Whether the prophecy of more fanservice will come true or not, stay tuned to find out more!! Thanks for reading everyone, please stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review for this anime!! (^^)v