Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Fanservice Review Episodes 03,04

After surprising with nipple sightings in the first two episodes, episodes three and four keep things non-nude, with an emphasis on fetishes and costumes.


Of note, episode three does the whole sideways angle for longer shots trick that the earlier seasons of High School DxD were so fond of.  Unless you like a crick in your neck, it kind of sucks for viewers though.  Those sideways shots were corrected to be vertical instead of horizontal in the screencaps and stitches below.


Episode 03


They probably spent half the show’s budget on just this one panty shot.  It’s money well spent.


There’s plenty of attention given to legs and feet in this anime.


Awesome succubus outfit.  Too bad we only see it for a couple minutes.


A really nice thigh shot here, too bad it’s over in the blink of an eye.


Another leg/thigh shot.





Episode 04


So far, the sexiest images in the show have been Ahegao’s drawings.


As suspicions grow about Yuu’s true identity, he and his sister Suzuka plan a date to try and establish his bonafides as a sis-con.  While being watched, Yuu has Suzuka try on several kinds of lingerie.  Or he imagines her in them, it’s not quite clear.

Despite the way it might sound from my descriptions, the anime strongly establishes that it is Suzuka who is the one that wants this charade to continue as she actually has romantic feelings for Yuu.  Yuu is just the oblivious fool getting strung along.

Later, the rest of the harem happen to meet Yuu and Suzuka at a swimsuit store.  They all try on various sexy swimsuits for no apparent reason.   The redhead Mai wears the sluttiest swimsuit naturally, as she is the most desperate for Yuu’s attention.

A new harem character is introduced this episode, Sakura.  She’s the brown haired one with the heart shaped hair accessory.  She’s a famous up and coming voice actress, and as Yuu notes, is at least a few years older than he is.



Overall Thoughts


Despite the lack of nudity, there were some well done pervy shots that helped make these two episodes breeze by, despite the animation and story being bottom wrung.

The series still hasn’t had any major nudity though.  All of the nudity in the first two episodes came from still shots with nipples that were partially obscured, and were often not even from the main cast of girls.  The missed opportunity in episode two when the publicist was in the bath makes me think that the show isn’t likely to be compilation worthy by its end.  I hope I’m wrong about that.

Next week will be telling, as it’s going to be a beach party themed episode.  With only five episodes remaining after, it’s now or never if this series wants to enter compilation territory.

And hopefully we’ll soon see a return of Esaka, the series loli representative.  It’s been a while now, hopefully the anime hasn’t forgotten about her.