Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 7:

Pirate!! Bikinis!! and….JAWS!! What an interesting fanservice!!

It’s finally summer at Amaburi!! Things are going all great where everyone is enjoying at the pool. (^_^)

And aside from that, we are seeing our Isuzu chan in bikinis too!! (^^)/

While everyone was having fun, a giant shark suddenly appeared in the pool. XD It was actually another mascot in Amagi Brilliant Park, Jaw which is also the same size as any other mascot. But when exposed to water, he will grow into an extremely large terrifying shark. Even he is scared of himself when looking at the mirror. XD He was confined in the mechanical room together with Shiina Chuujou a new recruit to prevent him from scaring visitors away.

While there are water leaking in the mechanical room, the people from above is oblivious about it. Isuzu was performing a show together with the Elementario Fairies about a prirate gang invading and it’s up to Moffle and co to fight them off. XD


Suddenly, a huge ship appeared from the leaking mechanical room. And now, there seems to be real pirates attacking. XD Anyway, the visitors still thinks this is a show….

Unfortunately, the princess was surrounded by the pirates and they have no choice but to surrender.

The tides change when Seiya starts the counter attack by taking over the pirate ship. He then commands to fire Jaw into the pool. The plan worked out successfully as it managed to scare the pirates to surrender. XD

Later at the end of the episode, it was seen that “Isuzu” is doing some weird pose infront of Macaron. XD

And that is all for the highlights for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)/ Hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v