Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 8


Setting things up for the final battle.


This episode served as another story focused one with the main purpose being to setup the final episodes and battles that are about to occur. There still is some service but it is mainly breast groping with one instance of nudity. On the plus side since we are reaching battles now that will probably give way for clothing destruction soon.


Starting from the end of the previous episode everyone sees that the youma that is with Fubuki can talk as it tells everyone it’s name is Rasetsu. Asuka tries to save the others while being blocked as Homure tries to attack and gets hit back also.

Fubuki points out that both good and evil shinobi work together to fight the youma simply because they are told to do so by their leaders and don’t question if the youma are really evil. Miyabi tries to attack her citing that her mother was killed by youma as proof they are evil before being thrown back as well. Fubuki tells them that the youma were killed by humans as well and that it was humans that attacked them first and youma only fought out of defense and she can prove it. At this point the remaining plot of the show is probably going to be really predictable in terms of what everyone wants to do and how things are approached.

Asuka interrupts just as Fubuki is getting ready to show proof of what she said as Asuka accuses her of lying. As she gets ready to fight again she collapses without enough strength to keep going. Fubuki and Rasetsu decide to leave and when Senkou and Gekkou try to follow they are stopped by Rasetsu as she and Fubuki escaped leaving them behind.

With the two of them gone Asuka is able to set everyone else free from being tied up as they are rejoined and decide what to do next.

Rin tells everyone how a hole opened up at the kikai dome recently and they have determined it is a portal into another world and that the youma are suspected to appear there. Once this was discovered all the top good and bad shinobi were sent there to investigate including Asuka’s grandfather, Kiriya, and Daidoji and after they arrived all contact with them has stopped. Because of this the students are the only ones left that can fight against the youma when they start to appear now. We at least get to see that Daidoji is around in the show and probably will be rescued along with the others sent when everyone has to inevitably go there themselves which will probably be the final battle area.

After seeing Senkou and Gekkou leave Yumi goes after them and asks about Fubuki. They tell her they met her after they researched Yumi’s grandfather and learned that he had raised another girl besides her and the others and so they sought her out. After that they leave not wanting to talk to her anymore. That night they think about their time searching for Fubuki and now that she has abandoned them and they no longer have Yumi’s grandfather’s ideals to believe in they decide to kill themselves by jumping off a cliff.

Yumi tracks them down and stops them before they jump off. After talking to them she is able to convince them to keep living by talking to them the way Asuka did to her previously when she was the same way. Homura and Asuka are watching from a distance and see that Senkou and Gekkou have been taken care of. Asuka tells Homura to take both of them to Hanzo afterwards so the others can watch over them to make sure they are fine. She then leaves saying she has stuff to do and disappears leaving it to Homura.

If the characters ate ramen in kingdom hearts instead of sea salt ice cream while sitting on tall buildings.

Back at Hanzo they eat lunch along with Senkou and Gekkou whom question why they are willing to be nice to them after what they did. The others say it doesn’t matter and that since they got beat they just view it as a reason to get stronger so they can have a rematch and not lose again.

After a while Senkou and Gekkou point out how Asuka has not come back yet and asks why they aren’t worried. The others tell them they know she has something she has to do and they know she will return once that is complete and have faith in her.

Despite looking like that it’s still more fuckable than the majority of those angel abominations in monster girl quest part 3 past the beginning of the game.

Asuka goes to visit Kagura whom is preparing for the fight against the youma. She asks for Kagura to not to get involved and wants to handle the problem herself using the power she was given in the past by her to seal youma instead of killing them. Kagura points out that she never did use it before and asks if she is sure she can and decides to test her by releasing a youma for Asuka to fight. She is able to beat it by using the power and sealing it away proving she is capable of using it. After seeing this Kagura agrees to stay out of the way but reminds her that using that power damages her own life and if she uses it too much she will die.

The next day Fubuki is in the city watching everyone and decides now is the time to start and begins to open up portals to the youma’s world to unleash them onto the city as part of her plan.

As expected from japan the world could be ending and the first thing everyone does is take pictures so they can tweet about it and tell everyone what they are seeing. Except of course anyone that might be currently eating as tweeting pictures of the food they are about to eat is more important than the end of the world. Probably won’t happen but it would be nice if the youma destroyed the clothes of the random background characters when they start attacking. You can’t put a character that looks like that on the left and expect me not to want her to get naked.

Back at Gessen, Yumi is called over by the others to show her what is happening to the city as it is shown on the news as the episode ends.



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Though this episode only had one instance of nudity it did have multiple instances of breast groping. However the main point of the episode seemed to be a setup for the final part as everyone gets ready for battles to begin. The story is probably going to be really predictable after the information in this episode about how the youma might be innocent and Asuka wanting to not kill them but doubt that will bother too many people. My guess is the lighthearted service might be over with till at least the end of the show with the service we get now being mainly clothing destruction from the upcoming fights and transformations. The next episode shows some characters with their clothes destroyed so we can assume we will be getting a decent amount of that coming up as everyone fights the youma. Since everyone from Hanzo has now been saved we will probably get some of them to make up for their absence for most of the show and the preview does show Ikaruga with her clothes gone so presumably we might get that for all of them next episode as well.

We also got to see at least an image of Daidoji now so that gives the possibility of her finally appearing later on to possibly get nude as well since her and Rin are the ones we are left waiting on. Since the remaining episodes will probably be serious my guess is should we actually get a lighthearted service episode again it might not be till the very end. The final episode consisting of a long bath scene with everyone after everything is resolved would be the best way to end the show after all the serious stuff and it started to dawn on me that maybe the ED credits are foreshadowing to that. The credits show almost everyone including Fubuki bathing together and I’m sure most people are already predicting that Fubuki will be saved at the end and turn good which would make the credits make all the more sense. Hopefully that is how things play out so we can get a last bit of non battle type service if these final episodes do remain all serious and only clothing destruction focused from now on.

Has absolutely no chance of happening at all in a series like this but if all the female youma started to rape the random background males after being unleashed on the world this would instantly become the greatest show ever created. Shows have no issue showing women getting raped including on screen by monsters but we never see that happen with males. This will forever piss me off because I want my reverse rape. Male monsters or even humans can be shown raping women but female monsters can’t be shown doing the same thing to males. That is bullshit and will forever be bullshit.