Conception fanservice review episode 8


If a show has service but no one is around to watch it does it still count.


So this episode ended up having the most service so far in the show (which isn’t saying much I guess considering it’s track record). No nudity of course and even though there are parts that block it out with objects, etc there is no reason to believe it will be altered on BD. At this point though I can only imagine very few people are still watching this so even though this episode is more service filled than other ones it’s too little too late. A shame because this episode demonstrated a hint of what the show could had been and probably would had been more well received if it did episodes like this for the entire thing.


Something I have to point out here. As you can tell the webm looks different from usual. This is because gfycat has changed some coding that has broke a bunch of plugins including the one we used. I believe wizard was the only one using webms in this non plugin method while the rest of us used it and probably how you are used to seeing webms. As a result all the webms have a different player now until they end up making a new plugin for us to use. Also all webms put into posts using the plugin before are no longer appearing now which means a bunch of posts have lost their webms but they are still there in the album. Regardless for the time being until either a new plugin is made or gfycat fixes the issue we will have to use this other format which I don’t like. So now webms will look different on the site from now on. Fortunately I can still disable autoplay on the thing. Also the webms might look smaller than they actually are because I messed up the code when putting them in. Might go back and fix it later but that is why the screenshots look bigger than the webms.

The episode ends up being a parody of those shitty reality shows with Itsuki having to choose one of the many girls in the contest. Kind of funny how one of the worst shows of the year decides to parody the worst genre of all television as well. After being told the first person for Itsuki to go on a date with is Sue they notice her missing.

After Sue is tracked down we get to see she is a furry as her angry cock attacks jar jar binks. Afterwards she is taken to Itsuki for their date.

Why did I make a webm of a fish jumping out of water? Because it reminded me of link to the past when you throw a fish back in the water and it jumps out and thinking of that helped me ignore the pain of this show. 

Itsuki knowing she is a furry summons a limo of animals to join them and play around the field. Since nothing sets the stage for the perfect date spot like the smell of various animal shit all around you.

Sue tells him she became a furry after her parents were killed by the impurities and she sought comfort in the animals.

The other girls sit around doing nothing while pretending they are relevant in any episode not focused on them. Mahiru and the cancer tsundere girl talk about cringey first time shit. No one cares. Also good thing they put the names up during those interview parts as I’m sure no one would remember who anyone is otherwise. And I’m not being sarcastic there either.

Itsuki eventually makes some food to give Sue as she eats it. I’m guessing it is supposed to be parodying that gordon ramsay anime about food that I never saw but I’m pretty sure someone else here did posts on in the past. The one gay guy from before is watching and explains that the whole purpose of the contest is for Itsuki to feed the girls sushi rice or whatever it is and if a girl gets to eat it that means they make it to the finals and can’t be eliminated.

Jar jar binks announces a new contest in which the winner gets to go on a date with Itsuki. When they were going through each character’s names I was still surprised they actually had names and wondered if they even knew their own and that they were called on.

The girls are covered in oil and told they winner is whoever can get to the top of the stairs first. I know this is a real show in japan as I remember seeing videos of it on youtube before with people covered in oil trying to go up stairs. If they had to parody women covered in oil why couldn’t they had parodied those lesbian oil porn wrestling videos instead. Would had made the show more interesting though I’m sure they would had still fucked it up.

Also what did I say last week? Seriously look back at the bread blowjob and look at what I said. I said I was expecting them to do this “it looks like semen” unoriginal joke and was surprised they didn’t yet here we are with them doing it this week. They must be reading my posts and as such I get the feeling they are going to violate one of my rules in this episode. Just watch they are going to make the glasses girl not have those glasses on. Just watch–………………………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!

Mirei ends up winning and as such gets to go on a date with Itsuki. Seriously though why the fuck do the japanese like seeing women covered in another man’s semen? This entire segment is supposed to look like they are covered in that as if that somehow makes it arousing. Hell it pisses me off whenever the women in hentai are covered in it to begin with but also considering it is another guy’s that just makes it worse. Fucking cucks I swear.

Itsuki askes her to get in the tub with him and she agrees and then……….wait a fucking minute!!!!!!

Then leave them the fuck on.


She could had revealed that she had a dick and I would had been fine with that but you don’t take the glasses off. This is just as bad as that episode Futabu in which the glasses girl takes her’s off right as her scene starts. What the fuck. I can handle the 5 foot long dick she had but once you take those glasses off I’m out. This fucking shit I can’t even continue on, post over…….

654676866486426 hours later.

 *Vomits endlessly*

Now that I have filled a swimming pool with vomit it’s time to continue. After Mirei gets in the tub she can’t see anything without her glasses. During this time she ends up grabbing Itsuki’s dick unable to tell what it is and keeps pulling it to try and figure it out. In other words she gives him a handjob in the tub (which seems like a good way to get a UTI with all those flowers and scents in the water). Can’t really care because as far as I’m concerned without those glasses this might as well be some other character and not the same person from the episode.

Apparently she can also take her nipples off just like her glasses.

Itsuki gives her the special rice food and she eats it. He then goes on dates with all the others but in the end only Sue and Mirei make it to the end.

Despite being dressed like a cat he doesn’t give her belly rubs.

Sue shows up first and dressed like a cat since she couldn’t wait to have something up her butt and needed to put that tail up there. During this time she says she doesn’t want to make children because if she does he will go into the dungeons and she fears him dying and losing him too just like how she lost her parents. He tells her he won’t and she just accepts that and everything is better. Or maybe he just told her he was using gameshark and was cheating hence why we never get to see any of the dungeon parts.

Mirei and jar jar binks end up interrupting them and it is suggested that rather than have Itsuki choose just one they can instead have both win and just do the double ritual like before.

Sue refuses to do the ritual with two people so Mirei takes out her aphrodisiac potion she has been working on to use. The gas ends up affecting Sue as well as Itsuki and Mirei so they can do it together. Good thing no one is watching this as I’m sure someone would complain about the fact that they drugged and hand held raped someone since apparently holding hands would count as rape. Speaking of which jar jar binks gets raped by the barnyard animals also under the influence of the gas.

Itsuki goes to visit his new children and talk to Alfie as they hear another roar like before. Not realizing this roar is in reality the agony of everyone watching this show Itsuki goes to meet with the king.

Itsuki is told that they have found out there is a 13th dungeon which contains the final boss responsible for all the impurities and if he doesn’t kill this boss the ones he has already killed will eventually revive. They tell him to keep completing the dungeons as they search for an entrance into the final dungeon. Also during this time it is pointed out that there is also a 13th maiden for him to find as well. After being given naked pictures of all the men and told it might be one of them Itsuki heads off in search of who he must make children with next as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



This episode actually ended up being a primarily service filled episode which is what the show should had been from the start. Unfortunately everything else from the previous episodes that made it terrible pretty much cancels the good from this episode out that you can’t really care about the service at this point. If they had made the whole show like this episode from the beginning and just kept at it with service filled episodes like this one and more importantly actually did something with the ritual parts instead of trying to skip them as quick as possible then it could had at least been a pretty decent service show. It feels like this was another example like episode 4 in which we got to see what the show could had been had it been given better directing. There was some censorship in this episode but I doubt we will get anything from it. Stuff like Itsuki’s arm blocking Mirei’s chest for example I doubt will be altered. The BD information says something about unmodified audio for one of the episodes included but that just means the BD will remove the bleeping we heard during certain lines. There is nothing to indicate the episodes will have any differences visually.

Next week might end up being an episode filled with manservice based on the way the episode ended so if that happens I will have little to post so chances are the next two episodes will probably have to be joined together. My guess is the next episode will consist of trying to find the 13th maiden while dating all the guys only to find they are not the ones. People seem to think and the show is kind of trying to hint towards the 13th being Alfie but there is something to keep in mind that makes me think that is all a troll. Remember this is a show that likes to troll and mislead the audience so all the hints towards her being next could be a lie.

Since the first game was not released in english I have no idea if this 13th maiden thing was in the original game but if it was then that means unless they are modifying the story then it couldn’t be Alfie. The reason being is that Alfie is an anime original character apparently that is being added into the remaster when it releases so she was not in the original so if this plot point existed in the original then she was not there so it would had been someone else. I have an idea on who it might be based on a spoiler I alluded to back in the first episode but since I had no context for the spoiler I have no idea if it was related to this. Next episode might have it seem like it is her and even attempt to make children but it will probably fail or something. Like I said without playing the original game who knows if this plot stuff was there or not. It’s also possible that she gets her own route in the remaster maybe and that might be what the next episode is about. Regardless only 4 more episodes and this can all finally end.

I realized something when looking at how many episode are left. The final episode is going to air on christmas. This is both good and bad depending on how you look at it. It’s Bad in the sense that one of the worst shows of the season happens on that day putting you into a bad mood. However it could also do the opposite and be a good thing. You get the christmas present of knowing the show is over and don’t have to watch it anymore.