Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 4:

Bonjour!! Let’s continue with the story of Jeanne d’Arc where she officially becomes a knight!! (^^)/

The episodes continues with some setback where Jeanne is about to be killed by some assassins while La Tremoille visits Montmorency and Richemont behind bars. He reveals that his plan of reaching an agreement with the English by surrendering the already occupied France to the Burgundy to turn it into an England’s satellite nation and create an independent Southern France’s kingdom, using Philip as a mediator.

Before La Tremoille could launch an attack on Richement and Montmorency, La Hire comes to the rescue together with her mercenaries.

While trying to save Jeanne from the hands of Girard the assassin, Montmorency succeeds into tricking him to trade Jeanne with the other half of the philosopher stone. Girard dies as he tried to swallow the stone without the elixir protection.

When the battle is over, Philip appears behind them. It seems like a big happy reunion to all of them. (^_^) Montmorency tried to convince Philip to join them to end the war together with Jeanne.

However, Philip refuses to help them. She claimed that  Girard was following her orders to claim the stone in order to fulfill her deceased father’s last wish to make her family the next rulers of France, and leaves the castle after having stolen some elixir by kissing Montmorency.

After the incident of meeting Jeanne and reuniting with Montmorency, princess Charlotte decided to take the fate of France nation in her hands. She made Jeanne a knight in front of the entire court and made Montmorency second in command too.

This certainly raises the fighting spirit of the people!! Although the anime looks to be progressing well it’s kinda sad that this will probably turns out to be a sad story. Hopefully the producers can avoid making this anime to appears like history and keeps us entertained with the fanservice from the busty characters there. (^_^) So far, there is alot of nice fanservice with many appearance of busty characters. However, it is still not good enough for me. (Y_Y) That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the following reviews. Hopefully the producers can increase the level of fanservice with more gainaxing, clothes changing, onsen etc. Mostly all we’ve seen is some busty characters in revealing outfits with the flat chest loli as a main character and that is dissapointing!! (^_-)

Last but not least, thanks to Scissors MeTimbers for repairing some of the stitches.