Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 4


Sexy time in the showers.


This week we reach the first sex scene in the adaption. This should had actually been the second one overall and the first for the character in question if it wasn’t for the fact that they skipped the one with the other character earlier. Regardless this episode is filled with the most service in the show so far for the obvious reason why.


After the end of the previous episode Souta hears the sound of the other girls from the volleyball team walking in and panics. Aoi grabs him and takes him into the shower with her so she can hide him in there as the other girls come in.

When the other girls see Aoi is there they talk to her while they are taking a shower as well. They mention how much she kept hitting Souta during practice while one of the other girls says it’s Aoi’s way of showing love. Aoi denies it and says she doesn’t like him while the other girls tell her that everyone on the team knows that isn’t true and that she really does and should confess to him. Souta hears all of this while hiding in the shower with Aoi and realizes that what he heard her and Mei talk about earlier was indeed true and that she does like him. Unable to hold back after hearing that he starts to do stuff to Aoi while they are in the shower.

As they start to have sex the other girls keep talking to Aoi about confessing to Souta and how she isn’t honest as she continues to deny it being true. The other girls then give up getting her to admit it as they finish up their shower and start to leave.

Shorter pan version. Making webms of this stuff is pain when trying to decide if I should leave it stay at the end for a few seconds like it is normally or cut it out. So I just make two as a result a short and long one. You probably will see this a few times for when I do these posts but similar looking webms are never the exact same so if you see two that look the same it means I usually have done something different to justify two versions of it.

I really wish we would had got a scene with the blonde girl. She really looks the best out of all of them.

After they finish having sex the other girls are leaving and ask Aoi if she is okay because she is taking so long. She tells them she will be leaving soon and not to worry as the rest of them all leave.

After everyone has left they go back into the locker room since it is safe now so Aoi can get dressed. She tells Souta that today didn’t mean anything and to ignore everything that the others said. She tells him she doesn’t really like him and that everyone on the team just thinks she does and it’s not true. Souta then thinks how cute she is that she cant admit to it as the episode ends.



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So we have now reached the point in which we start getting the sex scenes. Unfortunately we are also halfway done with only 4 episodes left as well. Based on the image shown for the next episode it looks like the next chapter will be the one in which Aoi gets sick and Souta goes to her house to visit her and they have sex again. So next week should be giving us another sex scene as well. With that said though I do have a worry that I said last week and now after knowing what next week will be that leaves only 3 episodes after next week left that could be used for Mei. As I said before the sex scene with Mei was skipped and I am really starting to worry that they may just have removed it altogether instead of moving it around.

My guess is the episodes we have left will be the Aoi gets sick episode next week, then my speculation for the episode after that one might be the trip chapter and the scene with Aoi and Mei together in the bathhouse there, however unless they change it there is no sex with Mei during it just her helping Souta do stuff with Aoi. The episode after that would then probably be the second part of it in which he has sex with Aoi again in the bathhouse after Mei leaves, then the final episode will probably be the scene with Souta and Aoi alone together after that during the trip. Like I said those last 3 episodes are just my speculation based on the manga chapters but that seems like the place they would want to end it. Hopefully I’m wrong though and they do something different. The Aoi/Mei scene doesn’t involve sex with Mei but considering we have seen a few changes here and there I am hoping maybe they will change it to make up for skipping her scene and have it happen there. Or maybe they will do something else original instead who knows.

I wonder if we will ever get a show that matches joshi ochi’s record at having sex happen as soon as possible. It is different for each show with some of them not having it happen till the halfway point while Skirt saved it for the very end and then you had 25sai have it occur by episode 4 I think it was which was 1/3rd through it. Joshi Ochi on the other hand had sex happen on the very first episode. Really wonder if we will ever get a show like that again that somehow manages to figure out a way to have that happen in the first episode.